Your Ultimate Guide to Online Coaching Platforms


online coaching platforms | Coaching Genie | Milana LeshinskyOnline coaching: it’s the present and the future of learning.

Why wouldn’t you want to become the best and stand out from the rest?

But failing to stay organized leads to a failing online coaching business. Staying organized is essential when becoming successful in the world of online coaching.

Coaches know managing all their clients and teaching materials is a lot of work. They want to not have to worry about managing their business. Every coach prefers to focus on helping their clients instead of devoting valuable time to administrative tasks.

That’s why coaches rely on online coaching platforms to make things simple and easy.

Online coaching platforms allow a professional coach to efficiently manage and distribute their content. The result is being able to serve more clients and generate more revenue.

So let’s have a look at how online coaching platforms can help your business.


What Are Online Coaching Platforms?

Online coaching platforms are coaching apps that are used by a professional coach to effectively deliver their coaching program to their coaching clients.

Coaching Genie is an online coaching software that makes things simple and easy by managing all of your content in one place.

Coaches can struggle with running a coaching program. There are many components that need attention simultaneously. They have to schedule sessions, send reminders to coaching clients, distribute learning material themselves, and track clients progress. Coaching solutions automate the tasks for the coach to make things run more efficiently.

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Coaching management has never been this easy.


Is Online Coaching Worth It?

Online coaching allows you to expand your reach. You have the power of sharing your content at any time with clients across the globe. You can only coach a few people in person, but with online coaching platforms you can coach 100 clients or more.

Online coaching also allows clients an easier way to engage in coaching services and reduces barriers that may prevent participation in traditional programs.

Managing more clients is effortless. With more clients, you generate more revenue for your coaching business. You achieve more and earn more with less work!


How to Create an Online Coaching Program

Anyone can learn how to create an online coaching program within minutes.

With Coaching Genie, everything you need is united under one roof. All you have to do is create your modules based on your coaching content.

Add your teaching materials to make a module that you can reuse later at any time. Choose from any of the modules you have added to create your online coaching program. These can include worksheets, videos, audio recordings and more.

Coaching Genie will generate a dashboard ready-to-go for you and your clients.

That’s it. It’s that easy to use for both you and your clients.


What Types of Coaching Businesses Are Suitable for Using Online Coaching Platforms

Different online coaching apps cater to different types of coaching.

Coaching Genie is an online coaching platform that accommodates you based on the type of coaching you prefer. You can use your teaching materials for group coaching and 1-on-1 client programs. The software additionally supports E-coaching programs and rolling enrollment programs.

You can also use Coaching Genie for mastermind groups and other digital courses.

Flexibility and versatility makes for an ideal coaching solution for all types of coaching businesses.


How Can Using a Coaching App Help Coaching Clients Overcome Participation Barriers?

Coaching clients experience barriers that prevent them from engaging in coaching programs.

These barriers include difficulty participating in coaching sessions and engaging in video conferencing.

That’s why it is critical for a professional coach to be able to track their client’s progress.

An online coaching platform like Coaching Genie allows you to send automatic reminders. That way, your clients know exactly when to attend their scheduled sessions. This is also a time saver for coaches.

Clients can also re-watch sessions they couldn’t attend so they don’t miss out on any valuable content.

The app features support for group coaching so you can coach your clients in real time with video conferencing.

You can also customize the available content for every individual client with Coaching Genie. Being able to individualize content based on client skill level and need adds value to your program.

Clients can share their work and view and comment on the work of others. This encourages participation from all members and creates a sense of community among participants.

A journal system works to involve the client. You can use weekly check-ins to ensure that your clients are active and engaged. Clients can receive feedback directly from coaches with the journal feature.

Simplicity and effectiveness are what Coaching Genie revolves around. The coaching app allows new clients to join your courses with a direct link that they can use to register.

Clients do not have to install anything, as Coaching Genie is a dedicated online web-based app. This also means that clients can gain access to and use the platform on any device.

Online coaching with Coaching Genie makes it easy for coaches to coach and clients to take part. The app makes it easy for newcomers to join, including the ability to integrate revolving enrollment where clients can enter group coaching anytime.


How Can the Digital Coaching App You Use Set You Apart from Competitors to Executive Coaching Clients?

A digital coaching app like Coaching Genie equips coaches with every advantage to better service clients and make practice management more efficient.

Coaching Genie includes every feature a professional coach will need regardless of the type of coaching.

You do the coaching and let Coaching Genie take care of the coaching management for you.

The tools featured on the coaching app make it easy for you whenever you want to share the same content with new groups. By cloning a previous program, you deliver the same content to new clients.

You can also repurpose existing content and add existing modules to a new program.

Built for coaches in mind, Coaching Genie puts you in control of your coaching practice. You decide when you want to release your content. You can schedule reminders and live coaching calls in advance.

There is no limit on how many programs, modules, or groups you can have.

Coaching Genie acts as a hub for all your webinars, emails, and links you have shared with your clients. A welcome page will greet your clients, which will then direct them to a client dashboard.

Clients will be able to access assignments, videos, audio recordings, and worksheets. The dashboard also features coaching notes, lists, reminders, and check-in forms.

You create a community where clients can view others’ work and share their own.

Life coaches and coaches who work in a variety of fields will have no problem scheduling sessions their clients will attend. Regardless of your area of work, the app provides many invaluable features for all coaches to use.

Accessibility has led to Coaching Genie becoming many coaches’ platform of choice.

Coaches will find everything they could ask for in this online coaching software.


Achieve More With Less Work

Serving more clients and generating more revenue is an online coach’s dream.

Coaching Genie stands as the best in online coaching platforms for coaching businesses. You focus on the online coaching while the online coaching software takes care of the rest.

Click here to sign up for a FREE 14 day trial of Coaching Genie!


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