Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is the purpose of Coaching Genie?

To set up, organize, and deliver coaching programs in one place, including content, email reminders, call replays, client journals, homework submission, weekly check-ins, accountability, and group interaction.


What software does Coaching Genie replace?

There is really no platform out there that allows you to manage your group coaching programs. Most people just “piecemeal” different solutions together and do many of the tasks manually. Coaching Genie allows you to automate and streamline many of the things required to set up, deliver, and manage your group programs. It gives you a combination of:

  • Email automation (for scheduling live call reminders, module delivery, replay delivery, etc.)
  • Course builder (for building your programs and courses)
  • Group management (for communicating with your clients)
  • Accountability system (for keeping your group members engaged)
  • Members area software (for protecting your content and allowing members to interact)

Coaching Genie does not replace a CRM, list-building, shopping cart, website builder, or sales and marketing software. It allows you to organize, set up, and deliver your coaching programs and content to your clients.

Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll be able to do in Coaching Genie:

  • Create Training Modules (your content, video, audio, PDF, DOC, links, images, coaching notes, etc)
  • Deliver Modules to Clients (based on the schedule you create)
  • Send Live Call Reminders (two reminders are sent out automatically to increase attendance)
  • Use Client Journals (for journaling, measuring progress, and homework submission)
  • Use Weekly Check-ins (for accountability and group interaction)
  • Publish Replays (posting recordings and notifying clients when they become available)
  • Customize Training Tracks (to customize certain clients’ curriculum as needed)
  • Deliver 1-on-1 Programs (individual coaching program delivery and communication)

Do I need to install anything on my web site?

No, there is nothing to install, it is completely plug-and-play. Just log in and start creating your groups and programs.


How many groups can I have?

All subscription plans include unlimited groups, unlimited programs, and unlimited modules.


Can I use it to run my mastermind groups?

Yes you can. You can set up a schedule of calls, deliver modules, and send email reminders, and use all the features available for setting up group coaching programs.


How do group members interact with each other?

Clients in your group programs can easily respond to each other’s weekly check-ins and client journals, supporting and encouraging each other. Clients can also see how other group members are progressing in the program, which creates accountability and keeps them motivated!


How do subscription plans work?

Each subscription plan comes with a maximum number of clients. If you want to make room for more clients, you can either upgrade to the next plan, or delete, deactivate, or archive clients to make room for new clients. Archived clients can still access the programs and courses they purchased from you, so they don’t lose access.


Can I upgrade to the next subscription plan as my business grows?

YES! You can easily upgrade to the next level without losing any of your current programs and groups. If you want to increase your capacity beyond 1000 clients in your account, simply contact our support and we’ll create a custom subscription package for you.


What is the difference between courses and group coaching programs?

Courses are typically do-it-yourself training videos.

Group coaching programs include training modules plus the live group coaching calls, accountability, homework assignments, and community.

That’s why a course builder is not enough to deliver live coaching programs.

Group members want more attention and feedback from the coach. Clients need accountability and support.

Coaching Genie makes it all easier and more streamlined, allowing you to create a kick-ass group coaching experience!


Does Coaching Genie integrate with other software?

It is very easy to connect Coaching Genie to your current payment system so clients can easily access your group program!

Every group comes with a simple client invitation link, which can be added to a thank-you page or a welcome e-mail, or shared with a client directly.

We do not currently use Zapier integrations, because Coaching Genie becomes useful after your clients sign up and pay you.


I am looking to switch to Coaching Genie from another platform - how easy is it to do that?

The migration process is very simple. Depending on the amount of content, you can have your programs up and running within just a couple of hours. We also offer a migration service, please contact [email protected] for details.


What kind of content can I add to my coaching programs?

You can add videos, audios, images, PDFs, and any other documents to your programs. Videos need to be embedded from Vimeo, YouTube, or Amazon S3 services.


Can I use this software with my 1-on-1 clients?

Yes, you can! The same features are available to use with private clients as with groups – custom content sharing, call reminders, weekly check-ins, and client journals.

Many of our customers start by creating coaching programs for 1-on-1 clients, then transition into delivering them to groups.


Can I create courses?

Yes, you can. In Coaching Genie, you can create unlimited courses and “drip” their content over time.


Does your platform include video conferencing?

No, it does not. We recommend using Zoom to run your group coaching calls.


Can I take payments using Coaching Genie?

No, Coaching Genie does not have an ability to process payments. You would need to use a third-party payment system such as Paypal, Stripe, or a shopping cart to sell your coaching programs.


Can I reuse modules and programs with different groups?

YES! We use a very cool “build-a-bear” style system. So you can create custom programs reusing any previous modules, creating as many programs or courses you want.


How does Coaching Genie help clients feel more accountable, motivated, and engaged?

Through the weekly check-ins and client journal features.


Can I customize content for different members in the group?

Yes! We have a very easy way to create custom training tracks for each member of the group as needed.


How much does Coaching Genie cost?

There are three (3) subscription plans available:

Emerge: Up to 15 clients – $49/month (billed annually)

Build: Up to 100 clients – $79/month (billed annually)

Scale: Up to 1000 clients – $199/month (billed annually)

*Monthly plans are available

If you need to add more than 1000 clients, please contact support at [email protected] for custom package pricing.  


What type of technical support is offered?

Even though many users tell us that there’s a 20-minute learning curve, we know that everyone has a different level of tech comfort.

That’s why customer support is our greatest pride and focus!

We support you through:

  • Twice monthly training webinars with the Coaching Genie team
  • Helpdesk and fast-response support tickets
  • Facebook group for Coaching Genie users only

You will get a BONUS 20-minute 1-on-1 “getting started” session with a team member who will help you set up your first group program and answer all your questions!

If you have any additional questions, please send us an email at [email protected]


Is there a guarantee?

We offer a 30-day “Complete Peace of Mind” 100% Money Back Guarantee. We are confident that you will LOVE Coaching Genie! 


How can I see the demo of the software?

You can watch the recorded software demo by clicking here.

Is there a free trial I can sign up for?

YES! You can request your FREE 14-day trial by clicking here.

Once you sign up for a paid account we can simply upgrade your free trial so you don’t lose any information that you have already created.

You’ll be invited to let us know if you’d like to keep your free trial account and simply continue to use it.


Can I automate my live group coaching call reminders?

Yes! Your group members automatically receive two email reminders for every live call you schedule.


Can I duplicate a group so I don't have to create it from scratch again?

Yes, you can. We have a very handy “Clone” feature, which allows you to duplicate your group and hit the ground running with a new group within minutes!


How easy is it to share a replay of a live call with group members who were unable to attend?

Super easy! When you post your replay video in the group, an email is automatically sent to your entire group to notify them of a new replay being available. 


How can I find out how my group members are doing?

The best way to keep a pulse on your group is by looking at the “Weekly Activity” page. It can easily tell you who is fully engaged in the program and who is falling behind. It can also tell you where people are getting stuck and who you need to reach out to.


Can my clients submit homework?

Yes, they can use “Client Journals” to submit homework assignments and documents to you. Each journal entry can be set to either private (visible to group leader only) or public (visible to all members) depending on how you want your clients to use their journals.


Can I customize the module release (or “content drip”) schedule?

Yes! When you first create your group, the system automatically creates a module release schedule based on the start date you indicate. After that, you can easily change the dates at any time to work with your program flow.


Is there a place to add my coaching notes?

YES! You can easily add your coaching notes inside individual modules as a reminder of what you want to share during live calls. There’s also a place where you can add your notes about each group member to keep track of any important client details.


How will my clients be able to access the group?

Once you create your group, you’ll get a client invitation link, which you can easily send to your clients directly or add it to your thank-you page and welcome email.


Can the group members interact with each other?

Yes! Clients in your group programs can easily respond to each other’s weekly check-ins and client journals, supporting and encouraging each other. Clients can also see how other group members are progressing in the program, which creates accountability and keeps them motivated!


Is my data safe and secure?

YES! We use secure servers (SSL) and Amazon S3 for all data storage. Your content is absolutely safe and confidential inside Coaching Genie. Each client will get their own unique login and you can easily control who can access which content.