Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of Coaching Genie?


Coaching Genie was created by a coach for coaches to give you a complete infrastructure to deliver your programs. It allows you to:

Get your coaching programs set up quickly and easily without tech overwhelm.

Increase client engagement, accountability, and retention.

Present yourself and your programs more professionally and with more confidence.

How easy is it to set up Coaching Genie?


Coaching Genie is the easiest and most user-friendly platform for delivering your coaching programs out there. What used to take you hours, or even days, can now be set up within minutes! You can get up and running quickly and easily, so that you can focus on helping your clients and growing your business – not worry about the tech.

We are also dedicated to supporting you and your success. Our friendly, expert tech support team is here to help you. We also offer twice-a-month live training webinars where you can ask us anything.

I can tell this platform was designed by a woman, it’s so intuitive and simple!

I love having an online portal for my clients. It gives them a sense of safety, security, and privacy. They know they have resources and community, so they feel seen, heard, and valued. I also love how intuitive and easy to use Coaching Genie is.

Tonya Melendez


How hard is it to move my programs over to Coaching Genie from another platform?


Moving your content to Coaching Genie is just a matter of copying and pasting. Once you move over to this platform, you and your clients will be delighted by the improved, smooth, easy flow of delivering your coaching programs.

We also offer a content migration service. To get a quote, just email us at [email protected] and tell us about your needs.

Do I need to install anything on my website or computer?


No, there is nothing to install. It’s completely plug-and-play. Just log in and start creating your programs and groups and programs.

I don’t do group programs yet, can I still use Coaching Genie?


Absolutely. Many of our customers start out by using it with their 1-on-1 clients and then add groups. When you’re ready, Coaching Genie makes it easy to take the leap into group coaching, seamlessly.

Is my data safe and secure?


YES! We use secure servers (SSL) and Amazon S3 for all data storage. Your content is absolutely safe and confidential inside Coaching Genie. Each client will get their own unique login and you can easily control who can access which content.

How easy is it for clients to access my programs?


As easy as giving them a one-click link! Each program comes with its own client link. When clients go to that link, they’ll be asked to choose their username and password, and log in for instant access to your program.

I am a solopreneur and needed to take as much of the administrative stuff off my plate as possible.

I used to spend a lot of time emailing my clients and it was a lot of extra work for me. Coaching Genie made my life so much easier! Once you plug in the details of your program, it automatically sends everything out.

It also allows my clients to share documents and collaborate with each other, which is not available in other coaching platforms.

Jill Windelspecht

Talent Specialist Consulting

How many clients can I have in my account?


Each subscription plan comes with a maximum number of clients: 15 (Emerge), 100 (Build), and Unlimited (Scale). This is the total number of clients across your entire account.

If you want to make room for more clients, you can delete, deactivate, or archive* some of them. Alternatively, you can upgrade your account to the next subscription level as your business grows.

* Archived clients can still access the programs and courses they purchased from you, so they don’t lose access.

Do I have to integrate Coaching Genie with my website?


It is very easy to connect Coaching Genie to your website, or any other shopping cart or mailing list software you may already be using. Every program comes with a simple “magic” one-click link, which can be added to a thank you page or a welcome email, or shared with a client directly.

For the first group, I was just using Google docs and email, and there were a lot of complaints because it was very hard for them to find everything. With the second cohort, I am using Coaching Genie, and I haven’t had a single complaint about technology. Thank you so much for creating it!

Chaya Allen

Life Coach and Parenting Mentor

What software does Coaching Genie replace?


There is really no platform out there that allows you to create, deliver, and manage your coaching programs.

Without Coaching Genie, coaches have to pay for various platforms and piece different solutions together, and end up wasting a lot of their precious time doing many of the tasks manually.

Coaching Genie allows you to automate and streamline everything required to run your programs, saving you time and money, and letting you focus on what you do best – teaching and coaching!

It gives you a combination of:

Email automation (to send call reminders, content delivery, replay notifications, etc.)

Course builder (to build your programs and courses)

Group management (to communicate with your clients)

Accountability system (to keep your group members motivated and engaged)

Members area software (to protect your content and manage access to it)

Payment software (to accept payments for your programs and courses)

Assessment software (to create quizzes and coaching forms)

And other simple, helpful software and tools to support you and your clients to have a great experience!

Coaching Genie does not replace a CRM or e-mail marketing system. It also does not replace your coaching website you use to market yourself. But you can easily connect Coaching Genie to any of your other platforms using a simple one-click link to let your clients access your programs.

Coaching Genie helps me look very professional.

I am a one-woman show, I don’t have a big team, and Coaching Genie helps me look very professional. Also, I create and innovate my content all the time, and it makes me feel like I am ready to launch any program I want. If you’re a blend of a coach, teacher, and creator, Coaching Genie is the best platform for you.

Meredith Vaish


Can I use Coaching Genie with multiple coaches?


If you have a team of coaches, you can make them Group Moderators. They can do everything a regular group member can do (access modules, comment on weekly check-ins, etc) plus view private client journals and moderate comments. Group moderators cannot edit any of your programs or content. Only you, the account owner, can do that.

Can I change my plan later?


YES! You can easily upgrade (or downgrade) to a different level any time without losing any of your current programs and content.

What if I still have other questions?


You will find most of the answers to your questions by reading through our FAQs and watching our demo.

If you still have questions, please email us at [email protected] to schedule a private demo with us, and we will answer any questions you may have so you can get going with Coaching Genie!

What happens to my content if I decide to cancel CG?


When you cancel your subscription, you will have 30 days to download all of the content in your account. You own the rights to your intellectual property. Coaching Genie doesn’t save your content after your account has been deleted.

Can my team access my account to support my clients?


Yes, just share your login with your team members, you can also make them “group moderators” so they can moderate group comments and posts.

Is there a limit to how much data (content) I can store?


Each subscription plan comes with a specific amount of data you can upload in your account:

Emerge – 100GB

Build – 250GB

Scale – 500GB

To save space, you can upload your videos to another platform, such as Vimeo, YouTube, or Amazon S3, then embed them into your modules.

You might also want to choose to compress your video files to reduce size.

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