The features you need to make coaching management and program delivery easy!

Coaching Genie simplifies and automates all of the admin and manual tasks you’re currently doing, including delivering content, scheduling coaching calls, sharing replays, sending out reminders, and collecting homework. 

Easy Access for Clients

Invite your clients to access your programs with a simple sign-up link

Unlimited Groups, Courses, and Modules

You can create unlimited coaching programs, training modules, and groups, and deliver them to clients with the click of a button.

Full-Featured Module Editor

You can add videos, audios, PDFs, links, images and any other documents to your modules.

You can edit your modules using our full-featured editor, including fonts, colors, tables, and more.

Each module comes with an email you can customize and personalize to deliver your module to group members or clients.

Evergreen Groups

Drip content over time, automatically.

Create “Evergreen” groups when you want to deliver content only or a course without coaching calls.

Archive Groups

You can archive previously offered programs as “Archived Groups”. Group members can continue accessing an archived group’s materials.

Rolling Enrollment

Create coaching clubs, mastermind groups, year-long coaching groups, inner circles, and any other programs with continuous intake. Clients can join your program any time throughout the year and never feel like they missed out on any important training or materials.

Self-Paced Groups

Programs can be set to “Self-Paced” allowing clients to unlock the next module as soon as the previous is marked “Completed”. This is great for programs where you want to give clients control over how fast or how slow they move throught the material.

We are so confident that you will love Coaching Genie!

1-on-1 Coaching

You can also use Coaching Genie to work with private clients.

Clone Groups

Easily duplicate your group and hit the ground running with a new group within minutes! All those videos, audios, worksheets, coaching notes, call reminders, and homework assignments can finally be in ONE place so you can easily access and share it with clients any time.

Live Groups

Create a “Live” group for your coaching programs that include both, content and live calls. You can choose how long your group will run by typing the number of weeks in group settings.

Sell Your Programs via Stripe

Create simple landing pages (or sales pages) where you can sell your programs using Stripe.

Coaching Dashboard

Easily manage your group members, schedule, modules, and activity in one place – your coaching dashboard. Create new programs and set up new groups in minutes by answering a few simple questions.

Client Dashboard

Each group comes with its own unique “magic” link given to clients (or embedded into your welcome email or thank-you page) for quick and easy access. Clients have one place to access all of your program materials, journals, weekly check-ins, and group activity.


You can brand each of your groups with a logo. A small version of the Coaching Genie logo will appear in the top left corner of every page. Upload a logo, banner, or any beautiful image with your brand colors.

Custom Domain

Available to “Build” and “Scale” customers, a custom domain allows you to use your own domain and logo instead of Coaching Genie’s.

Reuse Modules - *** USER FAVORITE!!

We use a very cool “build-a-bear” style system. So you can create custom programs by repurposing any previous modules, creating as many programs or courses as you want. So you can create your content once inside Coaching Genie, then use it over and over again!

Clone Modules

Want to save the design, colors, format, or content of a module? Easily clone a module so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Automated Module Delivery

Modules are released automatically, based on the start date you entered in group settings when first creating your group. You can also customize module release dates any time.

Self-Assessments, Quizzes, and Forms

You can build a multiple-choice quiz, a self-assessment, or a simple information collection form, and share it with your group members at any time as a way to learn more about your clients or to measure their transformation and growth.

Customize Content for Individual Members

Add videos, audios, PDFs, and any other documents to your modules. Then easily customize your clients’ training “curriculum” by sharing  additional modules as needed. Nothing is set in stone, when you see your clients need additional resources, simply slide more modules into their “training track” and save!

Customize Module Release

Customize module release schedule for each group (daily, weekly, all at once, custom schedule). You can easily change the date for your module to the date you would like it released.

Start simplifying your program delivery!

Welcome Page

On the welcome page of your group, you can add all the important instructions your clients need to make the most of your coaching program or course.

Event Schedule with Automated Email Reminders

Easily create your coaching call schedule, and Coaching Genie will automatically send two email reminders to your clients or group members. The best thing is, you don’t need to remember to send the email reminders!

Recurring Events

Upcoming Events can be scheduled as “Recurring Events” to save you time when creating your program schedule or coaching calls.

Weekly Activity

With Coaching Genie, you can keep the pulse on your clients or groups at all times, catch any potential issues, and minimize refund requests.

Easily monitor your clients’ weekly activity to see how much they are participating and what support they need. Super simple communication between you and your group members!

Client Journals

Use Client Journals for journaling, measuring progress, and homework submission.

Clients can choose to leave their journal entries private or make them visible to their coach or the whole group.

Weekly Check-ins

Create weekly progress questions for your clients to know exactly how they are doing and catch them before they drop the ball.


Clients in your group programs can easily respond to each other’s weekly check-ins and client journals, supporting and encouraging each other.

Clients can also see how other group members are progressing in the program, which creates accountability and keeps them motivated!

Collaboration and Accountability Partners

 A “Collaboration” feature allows you to form accountability groups, study groups, and smaller support groups either by assigning partners or by letting group members invite each other. Members will show up on the list of available partners only if they choose to collaborate.

Member Progress

You can watch your clients’ progress to see which modules your clients completed and where they are in the course.

Journal Notifications

Get notified via email when a client posts a new journal entry. You can set up your notification emails to notify you on every post, once a day, or once a week.

Share Modules with Non-Members

You can easily share any module with anyone, even if they’re not in any of your groups by using a simple link inside each module.

Tags and Categories

You can add tags to your modules or assign them to a category to easily find the modules that are connected by topic or program.

Coaching Notes

If you do 1-on-1 coaching sessions and would like to take notes, you can create Session Notes. You can also add coaching notes inside each module as a reminder of what you want to share, ask, or teach on a live coaching call based on that module.

Group Contests

If you’d like to increase group engagement and implementation, you can create a Group Contest. Set the dates of the contest and choose the actions you want to track, then watch the leaderboard to see how members are doing and who is winning.

Send Emails to Your Clients

You can contact everyone in your group by using the “Send Email to the Group” feature which instantly sends the email to all members.

Files Section

You may use this section to upload any additional documents, recordings, or files for the members of the group to access.

Publish Replays

If you offer live coaching calls, you can easily share the recordings of these calls with your clients in the Replays section. There is no need to compose an email. Simply tick the “Send email” checkbox and your group members instantly receive an email that a new replay is available.

Discussion Forum

Each group comes with a Discussion forum. So if you prefer keeping your conversations inside Coaching Genie instead of using a social media platform, you can do that. You or any group member can start a new discussion post.

Unlimited Tech Support

Customer support is our greatest pride and focus!

We offer world-class support through our helpdesk, private Facebook group, and twice monthly training webinars.

We also offer support to your clients any time they have access issues or need help using this platform to access your programs and courses.

Tech Support for Your Clients

Your clients will receive the same world-class email support if they run into any technical difficulties.

Limit Access to Programs

You can control access to your programs by deactivating clients or deleting them from any of your groups.

By deactivating, you can re-activate them in the future so no data will be lost.

Team Coaches and Moderators

You can set a group member as a Group Moderator, which will allow them to view private journal entries and delete inappropriate comments. This feature is useful if you have “sub-coaches” or “team coaches”.


Coaching Genie is a stand-alone web-based platform, with nothing to install.

You and your clients can access it on any device.

Secure Data

We use secure servers (SSL) and Amazon S3 for all data storage.