How Do I Create an Online Group Coaching Platform?


online group coaching platform | Coaching Genie | Milana LeshinskyDid you know online coaching will be a 20 billion-dollar-a-year industry in the next few years? As a coach, you’ll know why. Group coaching is a powerful way for people to transform their lives.

As the coach guiding your groups, you may find yourself overwhelmed balancing running the group and managing all the back end moving parts like recruitment, administration, and payment processing. To create an online group coaching program, you have lots to do.

You manage video conferencing, social media, and your coaching practice. You also handle online meetings, administration, onboarding, and more. You’ll want to share customized content with your groups and grow your business.

Automating processes and keeping track of data is also a priority. Wondering how to streamline all these elements? You can focus on your clients and coaching programs by using an online coaching platform.

Read on to learn everything you need to know to begin your online group coaching program.


Group Coaching Basics

This section will cover the basics of getting started. After that, you’ll be ready to decide which platform works best for your business.


How Do I Create an Online Coaching App or Online Group Coaching Program?

When you create your coaching program, get clear on your area of expertise. Life coaches will want to think of transformative content about personal issues. Professional coaches will want to focus on business success.

Think of ways to clearly communicate the goals and small wins along the way to your clients. You’ll want to create accountability for your group too. Think homework, journal exercises, or weekly check-ins.


How Do I Create an Online Group Coaching Program?

To guide your group, you’ll need to create training modules. This means PDFs, video and audio content, and presentations.

You’ll also want to create accountability. This could include calls with your coaching client, journals, and check-ins.


How Do I Run a Coaching Group?

After you’ve gotten clear on the modules and structure, you’ll want to build your audience. Onboard your clients by sending a friendly email.

You can use this email to share their client dashboard with them as well as important upcoming dates. From here on in, you’ll introduce modules and create spaces for member interactions.


How Can I Integrate or Use Social Media With an Online Group Coaching Platform?

You can share testimonials with satisfied clients on social media. Another great way to drum up excitement is by hosting a webinar. Use social media to get sign-ups and then offer an exclusive course or webinar to those who signed up.

You can do this year-round. With a platform like Coaching Genie, you can continuously enroll your audience and automatically deliver any onboarding materials to them.

You can clone your groups. The modules, content, and automation will carry over into your next group of clients. This means you don’t have to spend time creating new content and setting up each new group you do. As your business grows, you experience more freedom of time to consider other ways to serve your clients or generate revenue instead of being mired under administrative tasks.


Choosing a Group Coaching Platform

Now you are ready to begin running your online group coaching. You’ll need a platform that can adapt with you to your coaching needs. You need something that serves you and your clients today, but can also grow with you. It’s important to have some idea where you want your coaching program to go so you don’t have to invest time later in switching to a new platform.


What Are the Best Online Coaching Platforms?

The platform you choose should offer a few key features.

You’ll want email automation for sending out reminders about upcoming calls. Use email to deliver new modules or offer replays of older content. You’ll need the ability to build your own programs and courses.

Look for the option to manage and communicate with your groups. You’ll want members-area software so you can create a space for your members to talk to each other.

Also, look for built-in accountability systems. This keeps your members focused on their goals.


What Are Some Tips to Keep the Use of Online Coaching Software From Being Time-Consuming for Professional Coaches and Group Coaching Clients?

Avoid piecing together programs to try to manage your business. You can save yourself time and money by working with dedicated coaching software.

You’ll want to find a platform that can do all of the above for you. This way you’re not rushing between programs to manage these recurring coaching tasks.


Do Life Coaches Who Run a Coaching Practice Using an Online Coaching Platform Have Greater Client Engagement?

An online coaching platform will help you boost engagement. You can create a client dashboard on Coaching Genie. Your clients will appreciate having a designated space just for them.


Is It Necessary for an Online Coaching Management Program to Include an Embedded Video Conferencing Feature?

You may be wondering about video calls. After all, video is a great way to keep up engagement. For group programs, it’s essential to developing a sense of community.

Zoom or Google Meets are the most accessible programs out there. They are also free to use. It’s best to use one of these for your video calls. Most people are familiar with them and can access them outside of your online coaching platform.

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What Should I Be Evaluating During a 14-Day Free Trial of an Online Coaching Platform to Determine if It’s Right for Me?

Look for transparency when you try out online coaching platforms. Try out the different offerings before you decide. Determine if there is a limit to the number of groups, clients, or sessions you can use the platform for.

For example, with Coaching Genie, you can create and edit modules in the program. The same goes for automating emails. You can also clone and archive groups and run continuous enrolment.

Test out the features and get familiar with the program.


Do I Need to Offer Online Coaching to All Clients or Can I Make It Part of a High-Ticket, More Inclusive Type of Coaching Solutions Package?

This is completely up to you! Decide based on your strategy. With Coaching Genie, you can offer different tiers.

For example, you could create Evergreen Groups. In these groups, you would “drip” content. This would be for self-paced courses you want to offer.

Then you could create a tier where you offer group coaching. This tier could offer modules, accountability, and real-time check-ins.

You can also offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions if you choose. In this way, you can increase the perceived value of your coaching business.


Ready to Get Started?

You now know what to do to get started with your group coaching program. Choose a platform that offers you automation, module creation, and member spaces.

Ready to try out Coaching Genie? Try your 14-day free trial today to take your group coaching business to the next level.


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