Is Using Facebook Groups Right for Your Coaching Programs?


Many coaches like to use Facebook groups as part of their coaching programs. It’s a free and simple tool to connect group members and to stay in touch between calls.

But is it right for your coaching business?

As coaches delivering transformative coaching programs, building a vibrant and interactive community is important for achieving great results with our clients. In this video, I’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook groups in your coaching programs.

You will learn:

  • The pros and cons of using Facebook groups in coaching programs.
  • How Facebook groups facilitate fast community building and foster strong client connections.
  • The potential impact of including a free platform like Facebook on the perceived value of your coaching program.
  • An alternative solution for creating engagement and interaction, ensuring your clients stay focused and connected throughout their coaching journey.


Coaching Program Engagement: Pros and Cons of Using Facebook Groups

There are pros and cons to using a Facebook group as part of your group coaching program.

The benefit of actually having a Facebook group to increase coaching program engagement is that you can quickly and easily create a community in your program.

Members can connect and get to know each other very quickly because it’s a social media platform.

And most importantly, people are already using this platform. They’re familiar with Facebook, so they’re used to it and they check Facebook multiple times a day. Most people who are using Facebook are on it multiple times a day, right?

So those are the reasons why having a Facebook group as part of your group coaching program is very convenient for you and for your clients.


Disadvantages of Using a Facebook Group for Your Program

Let’s talk about the reasons why you shouldn’t be using a Facebook group, and these are pretty important ones to consider.

1. Facebook is free.

By including something that is available for free and people know it’s free, it actually cheapens your offer.


2. It’s super distracting.

There’s so much going on. As you know, when you visit Facebook, you’re not just reading a message from somebody. You are looking all over the place. You are checking your notification.

You are seeing your newsfeed, you are checking out the videos, and it’s just very distracting.

And if you’re trying to get your clients into the work mode and implementation mode, then Facebook groups can really distract from that. So your coaching program engagement is actually decreased.


3. No control over the content.

You actually don’t have any control over the content that is being created by the members of your coaching program inside a Facebook group.

Anytime people post anything, you post any conversations or threads or dialogues that are happening, that all belongs to Facebook.

And most importantly, it kind of gets pushed down as your program progresses, as people post more. So you really don’t have control over the content and you can’t save that content.


4. Some people actually don’t want to use Facebook.

Some people are not on Facebook at all. And so they often feel left out from the community, and from the conversations.

While Facebook may seem like a convenient and widely-used platform, these are significant drawbacks that can negatively impact your coaching program engagement.


coaching program engagement


An Alternative Solution to Increasing Coaching Program Engagement

So if you choose not to use a Facebook group, but you still want to create a community, how do you do that? Well, you can use a platform like Coaching Genie.

In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why I created Coaching Genie – to provide my clients and myself with a powerful platform for fostering discussions, and continuing the conversation even after our coaching calls.

Sending clients to a Facebook group is like sending them to that black hole that sucks you in with all the social media stuff.

Coaching Genie offers a dedicated discussion forum and engagement tools, such as weekly check-ins and client journals, facilitating active interactions among clients, and encouraging a focused and goal-oriented approach during the coaching program.

It’s essential to keep your clients in the right mindset, especially when you’re running a coaching program aimed at helping them achieve their goals.

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