How to Deliver Your Coaching Program for Maximum Results


If you want to run coaching programs your clients will love and tell their friends about, you need to deliver results.

With all of the course or program launch strategies out there, sometimes it’s easy to forget to create a program experience that will engage and motivate your clients to take massive action.

In this article, I’ll share with you how to deliver your coaching program for maximum results and the 8 components to include in your program to facilitate success!

how to deliver your coaching program

You will learn:

  • The 6 biggest reasons clients leave coaching programs
  • The 8 must-haves to deliver maximum results for your clients
  • Why results matter when planning your coaching program
  • How to give your clients the ultimate coaching experience


Biggest Reasons Clients Leave Coaching Programs

After running over a hundred group coaching programs for over 20 years, I have identified six reasons why clients might leave a coaching program and even ask for a refund.

Just understanding these reasons and addressing them as you plan on how to deliver your coaching program can make a huge difference to your client’s results and to your bottom line.

  • Not feeling seen. Maybe you’ve been in a program where they worked really hard to get you in, and then you felt abandoned and not cared for, so you end up feeling invisible. It’s a huge reason why people would leave a program.
  • Feeling overwhelmed. If your program has too much information, or if you’re going at them too fast, and your clients don’t have enough time to consume or implement, they start to feel overwhelmed. Keep this in mind when deciding on how to structure your coaching program content.
  • No sense of community. If nobody really knows each other, then nobody cares about each other, therefore nobody’s connected.


how to structure your coaching program


  • No accountability. Most coaches get hired just for the accountability alone. Do you think it’s valuable? Absolutely. And when you are in a program as a client and nobody would even notice if you’re not doing your work, if you’re not showing up, or if you’re struggling with the material, that means there is no accountability in the program.
  • Not feeling or seeing progress. For clients, it becomes demotivating when they are going through a program and not really seeing any impact or progress.
  • Getting distracted. I know that happens a lot to people who are growing their businesses. They try several strategies, and they jump from one program to another without really implementing or getting results. As a result of all of the above reasons, you as a client might find yourself feeling disconnected from the program and you might start paying attention to what else is out there.


Why results matter when planning your coaching program

A lot of coaches want to know the most effective coaching strategies when working with clients. So here’s the simple and honest answer….

Your clients want results, and results really matter.

You want to design your coaching program for maximum results. Because when your clients get results, your retention goes up, you get more referrals, and your revenue goes up.

This makes your coaching program much easier to sell. So you feel more confident about your program because it’s more valuable.

As you can see, everything is connected to people getting results in your program.


how to deliver your coaching program


How to Deliver Your Coaching Program: 8 Must-Haves for Maximum Results

These are the 8 things you want to have in place to deliver your coaching program.

  1. Content delivery – How are you going to do that? Where does the content come from? How often will you be sending modules or lessons?
  2. Coaching call reminders – If you do any kind of group coaching calls, then you want a way to remind your clients so they don’t miss it. You want to make sure they show up to these calls.
  3. Homework submission – For anyone to achieve success with your program, it’s important to track milestones as they make progress. This will help you keep tabs on how much progress your clients are making as they work through your coaching program. So when you’re planning on how to structure your coaching program, it’s important to include homework for your clients.
  4. Publishing call recordings – If they miss a live group call, you want to make sure they are able to watch the recordings at their own time.
  5. Tracking client progress – This is important because you need to know how your clients are doing. Are they doing the work? Are they getting any kind of results, progress, growth, and transformation? Is anything happening from all the work that you are doing and they are doing?
  6. Group management – You want to be able to manage your group so that they communicate with each other, and you can communicate with the group.
  7. Engagement and accountability – To make sure that people are actually participating, doing the work, and implementing.
  8. Communication and feedback – How are you going to communicate with your clients? How are you going to give feedback on their homework?


how to deliver your coaching program


The more things you can automate or streamline, the less time it will take you to deliver your coaching programs, and the more scalable your programs and your business will be so you can free up your time and do what you love, so you can just show up and coach.

So how do you do all of this in a simple way?


Give your clients the ultimate coaching experience

It’s important to use an online coaching platform that allows you to increase the level of implementation and support – but without taking too much of your time.

Most platforms, however, aren’t designed to deliver coaching programs – they’re focused on course building and content delivery. And they contain literally hundreds of features you’ll never use!

Coaching Genie allows you to deliver interactive coaching programs to maximize your results, retention, referrals, re-enrollment, and revenue as a coach! Watch the free demo now and discover how to deliver your coaching programs with ease.


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