Marketing is Like Music to My Ears


As you may know, I used to be a music teacher. I lived, breathed, and ate music 24/7.

When my family and I immigrated from Ukraine over 30 years ago, I had to change my career several times to make sure I was able to support my family.

From web designer, to information marketer, business coach, software developer, and most recently, an EFT practitioner – I’ve always had to do one thing to keep my business afloat.

And that was MARKETING.

A dirty word, right? Well, to many coaches, I am sure it is.

To me, though, it became an outlet of creativity. An expression of ideas and beliefs I was excited to share with others.

That’s why, I wanted to explore why coaches don’t like marketing and what we can do about that to immediately change the course of our business journey. You can watch the full video here.




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