Why Coaches Don’t Like Marketing (and What to Do About It)


Attracting clients as a coach is essential for your business to thrive but many coaches find this challenging.

After having been in the coaching space for over two decades, there’s one thing I learned: most coaches don’t like marketing. And it really stops them from successfully getting clients and filling their coaching programs.

In this video, I’ll dive into the reasons behind why coaches dislike marketing and provide you with valuable insights on how to overcome these challenges.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The common challenges coaches face in marketing their services
  • Strategies to enhance your marketing knowledge and skills
  • How to align your marketing approach with your values, authentically
  • Techniques to overcome the fear of being salesy or pushy in marketing
  • Time management techniques and delegation options to prioritize marketing efforts
  • The success mindset of coaches who embrace marketing and reach more clients

Attracting Clients as a Coach: Reasons Why Coaches Don’t Like Marketing

So I got really curious about why coaches don’t like marketing, or at least many coaches that I know are really not crazy about marketing, and I discovered that there are several reasons why that happens.

Let me share those with you and also tell you a little bit about how to fix that and what to do about that so that you can become successful in attracting clients as a coach and the marketer that you need to be in your coaching business.

1. Lack of marketing knowledge

Coaches may have a deep understanding of their coaching topic, their expertise, but they may not have the same level of knowledge in marketing and marketing involves many different strategies, platforms, techniques that require specific skills and knowledge.

You know, I had to take classes in copywriting, in social media marketing, in product launches, in networking and speaking. All of that I had to learn over the years.

And now with technology, there are other ways to market yourself. So if you’re not familiar with marketing, you may find it overwhelming and challenging to navigate the whole marketing space.

This is why it’s really important to learn marketing strategies for coaches by attending marketing workshops or training programs.

Maybe hire a marketing coach or a consultant who can help you simplify and make it less overwhelming.

By doing these, you can effectively attract clients as a coach and navigate the marketing landscape with confidence.


2. Misalignment with Authenticity

Some coaches may struggle finding a marketing approach that aligns with their values and authentic style.

They may feel uncomfortable with traditional marketing methods that focus heavily on self-promotion. Or maybe they feel pressured to use marketing tactics that just don’t resonate with their coaching philosophy.

We, as coaches, love building genuine connections and trust, which is why it may be difficult to do marketing the way that other business owners do.

So what you want to do is, find marketing approaches that align with your values and style.

You can focus on relationship building, creating content that genuinely reflects your coaching philosophy.

So instead of relying on pure self-promotion, you can share valuable insights, educational content and success stories to start attracting clients as a coach.

attracting clients as a coach


3. Fear of being salesy or pushy

I think a lot of people have that, not just coaches, right? But coaches often have a genuine desire to help others. So they may be hesitant to use any marketing activities that make them feel salesy or pushy.

They definitely don’t wanna come across as manipulative or insincere. So that fear of being perceived as overly focused on profit rather than the client’s success or client’s wellbeing can create a lot of resistance to marketing. So instead of thinking that marketing is a sales-oriented activity, think about it as a service-oriented activity.

So I invite you to reframe marketing, to communicate the value of your offer and how you can help your clients achieve their goals. So by focusing on the benefits and the outcomes, you can come across as helpful instead of pushy.

By doing these, you are exploring effective marketing strategies for coaches that prioritize serving your clients and genuinely connecting with them.


4. Time and energy constraints

Running a coaching business involves many activities and responsibilities. So you have to lead coaching sessions, you have to develop programs, have to create resources, do some admin probably. So you may feel overwhelmed or like you don’t have enough time or energy to devote to marketing.

This is why so many coaches are reluctant to invest in marketing and instead they choose to take care of their clients. But keep in mind that if you don’t market, you may soon find yourself without clients.

So it’s important to prioritize and schedule dedicated time for marketing activities such as content creation, social media posting, newsletter publishing, speaking, networking, connecting with potential referral partners, creating your own workshops and virtual events.

You can also delegate many marketing tasks to virtual assistants, especially those specializing in marketing to free up your time.


The success mindset of coaches who embrace marketing

I also wanted to point out that many coaches do like marketing. They do enjoy marketing for attracting clients as a coach, to reach and serve more clients, and share their expertise and to help more people.

So investing a little bit more time into learning about marketing and finding the strategies that align with you best will help you bridge the gap and create a balance between serving your clients and attracting new ones.


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