Attracting Coaching Clients Without Being Booked Solid


“Milana, how is your approach to building a coaching business different from what others are teaching?”

That’s the question I always get and basically most coaching practice building programs focus on getting clients. That’s the advice that most people will give you, the goal is to book yourself solid.

And while this sounds like a great place to be, it leaves many coaches burned out and gasping for air once they are booked solid.

Because coaching clients all day long can be exhausting. It keeps you chained to your phone or your Zoom for hours every day. And most importantly, it limits your income.

I mean, there are only so many hours in a day, and once you fill them all, you are done. And not only just with coaching sessions, but also those free strategy sessions. That is another thing that gets added to your calendar as you are marketing yourself.

I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches. Over the last 20 years, from one year rookies to 10 year veterans, most of them struggled with this trend to the traditional coaching practice model.

I show coaches a different business model where coaching clients become a side effect or a cherry on top of everything else you’re doing.

So you can design your coaching business where coaching clients is just a piece of your financial pie. Of course, I’m talking about creating multiple streams of income.

When my clients learn that they can be doing other things to generate revenue, such as creating courses, running membership programs, hosting webinars, publishing a paid e-zine or newsletter, and developing group coaching programs, they sigh with relief because we as coaches are entrepreneurs at heart, and when given a choice, we begin thriving. We start creating and seeing other possibilities.

So the problem is that many coaches don’t know they have a choice. They think, “Well, I’m a coach, so coaching is what I do.”

But there are so many other exciting ways to support your clients. It’s truly incredible what is out there for coaches.

Browse my channel on YouTube here to find the different ways that you can serve clients, group coaching, masterminds, courses, membership based programs, products such as assessments. There’s just so many ways.

To position yourself as a coach and create various revenue streams as a coach. You don’t need to book yourself solid, especially if that’s not the lifestyle that you want.



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