Why Your Online Coaching Management Platform Matters


platform online coaching | Coaching Genie | Milana LeshinskyDo you want to know more about online coaching platform but don’t know where to start? Start here and learn more about coaching tools and management. As a professional coach, you have probably developed a reputation for quality coaching on a one-to-one basis.

That’s how most coaching businesses begin life. But if you have a gift for coaching but limited time to deliver that service to clients, that business structure is always going to limit the number of people you can help.

That’s why many coaches have switched to online group programs.

Online group programs allow coaching professionals to reach more people at an affordable price for their customers and still provide an excellent service.

Here, we’ll guide you through how to take your coaching business online and the best coaching management tool to support your business.


Can Coaching Really Be Done Online?

The most traditional method for group coaching is via an in-person event, but that is changing rapidly.

Since the pandemic, working habits and client expectations have shifted with the rise of remote learning and remote services. Nowadays, most people are happy to receive coaching services exclusively online.

So the short answer is yes, you can move your coaching services online, with one crucial caveat. You’ll need first to consider robust coaching solutions that will support your services and keep your coaching standards high.


How Do You Manage Coaching Online?

Providing a service 100% online means going beyond the apparent platforms like Facebook groups and Zoom. Online coaching is so much more than communications via video or chat facilities.

To match your reputation as a coach, you need to find a more tailored professional coaching solution. And that solution is to invest in a dedicated coaching management platform.


What Is a Coaching Management Platform?

[bctt tweet=”Coaching platforms like Coach Genie are online solutions for you to deliver your coaching service by video, training, and calls.”]

A coaching management platform will help you design a group coaching program from scratch, publish it, and help you stay organized with your clients, tracking progress, monitoring contact (whether via group or one-to-one).


What Are the Most Important Real-Time Benefits?

Perhaps you love your current coaching practice and wonder if investing in an online coaching app is worth it. If that’s the case, here are a few benefits for you to consider:


Scaling Fast

Coaching in person or using the one-to-one model is hugely rewarding. Still, you limit yourself to the time you have available to be present.

By running online, you can use additional coaching resources. That might include video training to present some of your foundational material, which will save you time and help you scale your business faster.

What’s more, having the ability to coach tens or even 100 clients in a single coaching session means you can dramatically increase your customers (and turnover). And do so without the same hike in overheads.



We all need a bit more work/life balancing, and coaches are no different.

By setting up an online system, you can automate some of the administration parts of your job and leave you with a bit more free time to spend on other things.


Reaching a Global Audience

If you coach in person, you are limited to a specific geographical location. But there is a big world of customers waiting to hear what you have to say. Why not reach out to them and tap into a global customer base?


How Do You Find the Best Coaching Platform?

You naturally want to find the best coaching platform for your business. So you need to know what factors to consider in a coaching management system. Here are some helpful prompts before you start your search:

  • Will it streamline your business operations or leave you with lots of unwanted admin?
  • Can you process client payments?
  • How easy is it to scale your business with new programs, groups, or clients?
  • What type of media does the platform support (ideally, you want a platform that offers PDFs, video, images, audio and external links)
  • Can you run coaching sessions with large groups at once?
  • Finally, how easy is it to use?

Before you decide on a platform, spend time familiarizing yourself with the software (platforms like Coaching Genie offer complimentary demos for this reason).

Seeing the inside of a platform will help you understand how it works and whether it is the right choice for you and your business.


Types of Coaching

With the right coaching system, there is no limit to the services you can deliver for your clients. Here are some suggestions on the type of coaching to offer:

  • Offer video conferencing for your coaching group
  • Provide a suite of coaching tools to your clients inside a membership area
  • Provide on-demand video or audio training to your clients
  • Provide written material, such as eBooks and templates

That is a small taste of what you can do, but with some creative thinking, the possibilities are endless. If the thought of developing new services and programs excites you, a management system is a significant next step.


Are There Situations Where Online Coaching Software Isn’t Appropriate?

Life coaches naturally span quite a range of topics. As with most things, specific issues are always best when done in person.

One such subject is mental health. In particular, if you specialize in coaching clients with any sort of addictive behavior.

Nevertheless, don’t rule out a management system. You can still offer face-to-face, confidential coaching sessions with the right platform, which may suit a client if the subject matter is somewhat sensitive.


What About Management Client Payment?

Payment processing is a time-consuming admin overhead for many companies, and coaching businesses are no exception.

Using a professional coaching management system that includes payment processing will help save you time on monitoring revenue, raising invoices, and chasing for payments.


It’s Time for Your Coaching Business to Grow

As the old saying goes: “change is inevitable.” The coaching world is changing, and you can step ahead of the curve by getting your business ready for that change by adopting a market-leading coaching management platform.

The first step is also an easy one. Head to our features page now to launch the Coaching Genie demo. Take a look at the platform and see what a transformation it could offer for your flourishing enterprise.


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