Why building your own “coaching library” is the key to your success!


I finally feel like I recovered from leading a 5-day summit on group coaching earlier this month.

It was an absolute blast and a lot of learning from the top group coaches and experts in delivering successful programs.

I especially loved the live panel discussions.

One of the questions I was asked was, “How do you go from a little coach on the phone to a real coaching business? “

My answer was…

Build your own coaching library!

A real business is one that has value beyond YOU.

It’s a business that has assets, which can be transferred or delivered without your time and attention.

And for a coach – it’s your coaching library.

It’s all those coaching tools, worksheets, assessments, videos, templates, checklists, recordings, and other sharable resources you’ve been creating for your clients.

Building your own coaching library allows you to:

  1. Capture, package, and monetize your expertise any time
  2. Quickly develop multiple revenue streams
  3. Create custom coaching programs “on the fly”
  4. Easily “assemble” programs for 1-on-1 clients based on what they need
  5. Leverage previously created tools and resources
  6. Have another coach deliver your programs
  7. Finally, have a tangible asset you can sell!

That’s how I’ve been thinking in my business for years.

This is one of the most important mind shifts to creating a real coaching business – truly appreciating, capturing, organizing, and leveraging your intellectual property.

So the question is, how do you start building your coaching library?

And most importantly, where do you keep it so you can easily share it with clients?

That’s exactly the question I asked myself 3 years ago, which led me to creating Coaching Genie.

This online platform allows you to upload all your coaching tools and resources – your entire knowledgebase – then bundle them into programs and packages you can offer to clients and groups.

This platform allows you to mix and match modules between programs, so you upload your content only once – then use it over and over again to create unlimited programs, courses, and curricula.

Watch the FREE 8-minute demo here

After 22 years of running my coaching business, I finally have a place for all of my coaching content – all in one place, easy to search and share.

If you’re not building your coaching library, then you may always be the “little coach on the phone” and it’ll be impossible to create a real coaching business that gives you the income and freedom you want.

Each nugget of your expertise is a potential coaching product or tool, but only when it’s captured. And chances are, you probably already have enough material to start building your knowledgebase or own coaching library. Start growing your library inside Coaching Genie today!

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