What the Best Coaching Class Management Software Should Offer


What the Best Coaching Class Management Software Should Offer | Coaching Genie, Milana LeshinskyWhat the Best Coaching Class Management Software Should Offer?

What should I consider when evaluating coaching class management software?

As a coach, you may find yourself teaching classes to clients or potential coaching clients. Depending on the goals of your coaching classes, you’ll need to consider different features and capabilities, such as:

Content delivery: This may include items such as training materials, documents, videos, audio recordings, and exercises

Email reminders: Automatic reminders, such as those sent by Coaching Genie, about live classes and coaching class, help encourage consistent client participation.

Homework submission: Whether or not you give homework, it’s useful to have an easy way for clients to communicate with you between classes. Submitting homework is one method to do that.

Progress tracking or online test taking features: Depending on the style of your coaching class, you should be able to monitor how your clients are doing.

Accountability: Including an accountability feature that allows group members or partners to see how others are doing is important for group counseling.

Group management: Being able to customize group member materials and monitor where they are in the program is invaluable. Coaching Genie’s Weekly Activity Grid allows you to see how engaged group members are and proactively address any participation obstacle.

Ability to organize materials: If you like to teach and have a content rich program, Coaching Genie supports you through flexibility to edit materials as well as reuse and repurpose your documents, videos, and modules across multiple programs and curriculum.

Engagement tools: Through the use of dynamic, innovative tools, you can promote greater engagement among clients. Coaching Genie offers these in the form of small contests which reward members for frequent participation, reporting on their successes/challenges, and supporting others in the journey.

Communication tools: These critical class management tools are necessary for fluid, consistent relationship building between coach and clients, and between group members.


What are some affordable options in the class management software marketplace?

There are many different coaching class management tools available. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are typically very comprehensive, include many features, and have a high learning curve. Membership site software allows you to organize your content and then charge a subscription price for client access. Additional tools in the marketplace include course builders, CRM platforms with built-in content management, and practice management software with built-in course delivery.

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If you’re seeking a coaching class management tool, Coaching Genie is likely the best option because of its specialization, specific focus on delivering coaching and classes, and group coaching management features. It includes a lot of features that allow you to be an effective coach and group manager without overwhelming you with complex features, pages, and tools that you’ll probably never use.


Do most coaching management software solutions offer the ability to deliver live classes?

Usually, live classes are delivered on a separate platform such as Zoom, Gotowebinar.com, or another conference tool.

If you’re considering a platform with a built-in live class management, it’s probably an LMS or an e-learning platform. That means there are many other features included that you won’t need and will complicate the user experience for you and for your clients.

Zoom is commonly used by students, teachers, and coaches. You may opt to use Zoom for live classes, regardless of what class management software you choose because it is user friendly and familiar to a wide audience.


Does a coaching institute offer their own coaching class management software?

Most coach training organizations make recommendations for which platforms to use upon graduating. However, most of their recommendations focus on practice management tools that allow you to run your practice on the backend (such as taking payments and intake forms) rather than systems for running coaching programs or coaching class management tools.

Coaching Genie serves as a valuable add-on to a practice management software. Most practice management platforms do not have the features you need to run and manage your coaching programs and coaching content. Coaching Genie adds these functions with flexibility and agility to increase your efficiency.


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