Mastermind Software: Understanding the Basics


Mastermind Software | Coaching Genie, Milana LeshinskyMany coaching programs incorporate mastermind groups.  These groups can be extremely helpful as your coaching clients seek insight and support from their peers. Having easy to use mastermind software can significantly make your coaching program run more smoothly.

What is a mastermind program?

A mastermind program is a group program where members seek insights, collaboration, resources, and support from their peers. The focus of a mastermind program can vary based on its leader and participants.


How much does mastermind cost?

Mastermind groups can be free or paid. Free groups can even be found on meetup.com.

High ticket mastermind groups can cost $25,000 to $100,000 per year depending on what kind of people you want to mastermind with. It also depends on who the leader is, their level of success and notoriety, and whether there is a blueprint or a proven program to follow.


How do you facilitate a mastermind group?

Typically, there are mastermind meetings that take place on a weekly or monthly basis. The goal of every meeting is to support all members as much as possible through a variety of formats and activities.

Some meetings are in the format of hot seats, where people present their challenges and everybody else is helping them. There can be some teaching, where some members of the group share their expertise followed by resource or connection-sharing.

There are plenty of mastermind groups where people also find referrals and become clients for each other. It is just a very supportive group for people to really connect with peers and like-minded entrepreneurs.


What is mastermind software and why should I consider using it?

[bctt tweet=”Using software to run your mastermind groups makes it easier for you to stay in touch with members between meetings. It also can remind them of the group calls to increase rate of participation.”]

Another key function of software is the ability for members to stay in touch with one another. This is a particular focus of Coaching Genie because it has multiple uses, including mastermind groups and group coaching programs. Coaching Genie facilitates member communication between sessions by allowing members to identify and search for the mastermind members they want to connect with outside of the group calls. Because mastermind meetings are typically limited to an hour or two depending on the frequency of meetings, Coaching Genie gives people an opportunity to interact and take the conversation outside of the mastermind group. Helping people connect is a core goal of Coaching Genie.

Coaching Genie is a great platform for running your mastermind group because it allows you to keep everything together, so you don’t have to manually manage things like scheduling, reminders, member interaction, and content delivery. If your mastermind group is actually a mastermind program which includes content and training delivery, Coaching Genie will definitely make it easy.


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