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Life Coaching Software | Coaching Genie, Milana LeshinskyWhat are the best life coaching programs?

The best life coaching programs to help you become a life coach depend on how you want to grow your life coaching business and the kind of conversations you want to have with your clients. Do you like to go really deep into personal challenges and pain points? Do you prefer to be more strategic, tactical and create action plans?
Evaluate the personal experience and background you bring to the table. Often, life coaches specialize in an area to which they personally relate. Maybe they personally experienced success or failure in a particular domain. After learning from it, they can help others avoid the mistakes that they made. You really want to connect with the idea of what kind of life coaching you want to be doing in a way that will be most beneficial to your clients.

Decide which life coaching program to attend based on the kind of clients you’d like to work with. Coaches often enjoy working on a personal level with individual clients dealing with personal challenges like divorce coaching, relationship coaching, or parenting coaching. Others enjoy focusing on executive coaching where you are a life coach working with executives and professionals to help them be more successful in their careers and their work lives and manage the stresses of their workplace. A third type of life coaching is for business owners to assist them with personal growth and stress management.

One consideration when deciding on the life coaching program to enroll in is how much time you want to dedicate to becoming a life coach. There are programs to become a coach lasting from a weekend to a year. It really depends on how intense you want the life coaching program to be. If you’re planning to work with executives and business owners, be sure to enroll into a reputable life coaching program because clients in those fields emphasize the type of coaching school that you went to.


What apps do life coaches use?

[bctt tweet=”The type of life coaching you do will determine the kind of app that will best support your coaching process.”]

For example, if you’re a health or a wellness coach, you’ll probably need some type of nutrition, fitness, or weight loss app that includes monitoring, education, and tracking activities that support self-care. If you are a relationship coach, you might employ apps that help clients with their confidence level, relationship building and life plans.

Coaching Genie allows you to bring all your coaching materials, trainings, and tools together under one user-friendly roof. It provides a coaching portal you can share with clients to give them access to whatever coaching tools they need, depending on what you’re working on.


What software do coaches use?

At a minimum, coaches need the following in their practices:

  • Coaching practice management software
  • Lead building software to attract and capture client leads
  • Software to delivery material, coaching content, and share tools with clients

Some coaches look for an all-in-one software. In my experience, all-in-one software doesn’t exist because every software is built for a specific purpose with a specific set of features to accomplish certain things that are important to coaches. So “all-in-one” usually means that some features are going to be really well done and other tasks are going to be not optimal.

We recommend Coaching Genie customers use something like Vimeo, YouTube or Amazon S3 to host videos and then embed them into their modules. Coaching Genie also invites people to use platforms like Zoom for video conferencing. All-in-one software actually is a fantasy that a lot of coaches want but it creates more problems than it solves.

Coaching Genie has a very specific purpose for housing, organizing and delivering your coaching content and programs to clients. Before looking for software, the best first step is to ask yourself “What is the reason that I need software? What is the task or set of tasks I’m trying to automate or streamline or simplify?” Then make a decision based on your desired outcome.


What is the best CRM for life coaches?

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is used for different reasons. Because CRM software allows you to send broadcasts, newsletters, and emails to your audience to your mailing list, it can be used to build relationships with your potential clients. CRMS are also used to grow your business, through networking or online marketing, so that you have a place to add names and emails of potential clients.

There are a variety of CRM available. A lot of them are very complex and you end up using a fraction of their features. Choose one based on what kind of business you’re running and the features you’ll need.

If you’re planning to grow and build your coaching business, think about a CRM platform that grows with you. You may not know what you need right now, so start with where you are with something simple and graduate to a more sophisticated platform later if needed.


What features are most desirable when considering life coaching practice management software?

There are several features to look for when you are considering a practice management software.

One key feature is the ability for coaching to track client progress. You want to have the opportunity to see how your clients are doing, what their starting point is, and how they are progressing through the program, mid-program. This helps you prove that your coaching works.

Your practice management software should also have the ability to send content or training materials to your clients before or between coaching sessions to really help them solidify learning and implement the work you’ve done with them. It’s really useful to be able to schedule coaching calls and then to send out reminders.

Finally, it is beneficial to be able to follow up with your coaching leads and process payments.


What are some of the most popular software used by life coaching businesses that include embedded coaching tools and a coaching app that helps keep clients on track?

I recommend using Coaching Genie because it allows you to bring or embed all of your coaching tools into one platform and then easily share it with clients.

Coaching Genie includes features that allow you to keep your clients on track. For example, the weekly check-ins functions give clients a place to report to you how they’re doing and where they’re stuck. This is where you also can catch anybody who is about to drop the ball or maybe ask for a refund because they’re not doing well. You can anticipate those challenges with clients.

The client journal feature allows homework submission so you can review and give feedback. If you’re running group coaching programs, the weekly check-ins allow clients to interact with each other and create accountability.


How can I be sure I select a software that has the features I’ll need to support my coaching practice as my business grows?

It’s critical you consider choosing software that will grow with your business. As your client load increases, your mailing list builds, and your content grows, you want to have software that gives you the capacity for handling more prosperity.

Coaching Genie allows you to have a more scalable coaching business because you can work with private clients, groups of clients, and multiple groups. You can also start growing beyond your coaching business by selling products, courses, tools, mastermind programs and inner circle. It supports you in expanding your coaching business with a lot more ease.


How can I find life coaching software programs designed specifically for group coaching management?

When I was searching for group coaching management software, I was pointed to platforms that were primarily course builders and membership site platforms. That’s what many coaches were using because there was nothing else available. Unfortunately, course builders are missing a lot of the features that coaches need to actually deliver and manage group coaching programs.

Until Coaching Genie was created, the right tool for group coaching management wasn’t available. Coaching Genie includes key features that allow you keep your fingers on the pulse of the group by:

  • Communicating directly with your group members
  • Allowing communication and interaction between group members
  • Delivering content to your group members with the ability to customize for improved individual client experience

Another advantage of Coaching Genie over course builders and membership platform sites is the ability to share recordings of coaching calls in the replay area of each group. Clients who miss a group call can catch up at their convenience.


How can life coaching software help with saving time when delivering coaching sessions?

One of the most time consuming things working with clients is call preparation. Some coaches are comfortable going into sessions unprepared and allowing the client to create the agenda. Others like to feel more prepared because it gives them the confidence that their coaching time will be valuable to the client.

It’s useful to have some type of tool that allows you to know in advance what your client needs help with. Traditionally, coaches use a pre-session form that clients complete and return. Unless you have a way to track these forms, they get lost and lose their purpose. Coaching Genie includes a Weekly Check-in feature so clients can check-in as a way to prepare for the next coaching call and report on growth, share insights, ask questions, and decide what they want to focus on for their upcoming session.

This feature is available for both individual and group coaching clients. It saves a lot of time for the coach but also gets the client prepared for the session. Both coach and client know what the focus will be.

Coaching software should include automation that increases your efficiency. By automatically delivering content, sending call reminders, tracking progress, and giving clients an easy way to submit homework, Coaching Genie provides an all-in-one time saving tool for coaches.


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