How To Build A Coaching Program


How To Build A Coaching Program | Coaching Genie, Milana LeshinskyDiscover the fundamentals of how to build a coaching program that attracts your ideal clients.

How do you structure a coaching program?

A great coaching program has 3 basic structural components: content, coaching, and community.

Everyone who signs up for a coaching program will expect the first two. They expect to learn something (content) and to receive coaching. Coaching can be delivered in a variety of ways, such as one-on-one, in-group coaching calls, via a retreat, or an intensive VIP day.


How do I start a coaching program?

Start with a topic that you already have expertise in. As you grow your business and coach more people, you’ll uncover new areas of expertise or client needs. Choose a topic that people are seeking to help them solve a problem.

One of the most important pieces in marketing your program is your ability to clearly define how your problem-solving approach differs from other coaches’ methods and philosophies.

Next, create an outline of your program with the lessons you want to develop.

Name your program so it speaks to the right clients.

Invite people you already know and who know, like, and trust you. This is the audience closest to you and people who are already in your circle of influence.

Once you start your program, inform participants you’ll be seeking testimonials. Testimonials help you to market better. They also inspire and motivate clients to be active in your program.

After your first program concludes, evaluate possible improvements. What kind of feedback did you get? What exercises can you add? Where were people feeling stuck? Where did they experience resistance or fear you can help them overcome?

When you start the next round of your program, invite more people by tapping into your referral partners, networking communities, and speaking engagements to spur interest in your program.


What makes a good coaching program?

A good coaching program solves a big problem for people that they already recognized.

A good coaching program is:

  • easy to implement
  • structured in a way that makes it doable for people and easy for them to see/get results
  • has small wins along the way to avoid overwhelm
  • easy to market and sell with clear messaging
  • engages clients during and between group calls

Coaching Genie excels at client engagement because it allows participants to submit homework assignments, check in with you, and download materials you’ve prepared for them. If you’re running a group coaching program, they can also see how other members are doing and support one another.


What are some tips for business owners to use social media to build their online coaching service?

Coaches are occupying a lot of space in social media, which is why you want to focus on building relationships. People will definitely respond and refer to you if they have a relationship with you.

[bctt tweet=”Leverage social media by getting followers into your mailing list as soon as possible by giving them something really relevant to their needs.”]

This can be a lead magnet, ebook, webinar, checklist, or template – anything that addresses a pain point or area of concern for your target audience.


What are some of the pros and cons to using a private Facebook group as part of your coaching business?

It’s imperative to focus on building the know, like and trust factor. In a private Facebook group, you’re the authority by default in your own group. You get to build your own audience and community. Additionally, you can run online challenges to further build trust and engagement in the group while moving them towards purchasing your services.

On the downside, it takes time to build, grow and moderate your group. You’ll be constantly curating membership to ensure it stays true to its purpose. However, you can reduce your time commitment by having a team member manage this for you.


What is the first step to creating your signature coaching system?

The first step is figuring out your messaging to clearly communicate how your coaching system is different from others in your niche. Identify what makes your coaching system different and why that difference is beneficial for potential clients.


What are the best ways for a life coach to recruit potential clients using an online source or an online course?

Sell your course in an existing marketplace such as Udemy, Coursera, or Skillshare. They already have platforms built for you to promote your course. Include a call to action inside your course so that people clearly understand that you’re a coach and offer coaching services. Make sure your course is centered on a topic that lends itself well to your coaching services. This helps your course identify and filter people who are perfect for your coaching.


How can you watch for any clients in your programs who are feeling stuck?

Staying connected between the live coaching calls is a valuable method. One of Coaching Genie’s most important features is the weekly check-in form. This allows coaches to see what private or group coaching clients are working on, where they’re feeling stuck or need help, and what you need to focus on in the next coaching session.

The check-in form is an opportunity for clients to tell you how they’re doing. Some questions you might ask include:

  • How do you feel this week?
  • What are your biggest insights?
  • What are your biggest questions?
  • What are your biggest fears and hesitations right now?

Make sure your coaching clients know how to ask for help or contact you through email.


How do you identify the right coaching clients for your coaching programs?

Your ideal client will self-identify for your coaching program if you get your messaging right. But you also need a method to pre-qualify clients to make sure that they are the best fit for your coaching style, coaching program and show a high level of commitment.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a coach than having a client who simply doesn’t do the work and then blames the coach for lack of results. Thus, the pre-qualification process is very important.


Where can someone learn the best ways to build a coaching business online step by step?

There are many resources available on how to build a coaching business, including my book Coaching Millions which is available on Amazon. It focuses specifically on the strategies, ideas, and secrets necessary to build a successful online coaching business.

Sign up for a free demo and see how Coaching Genie can support your coaching program!

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