How Coaching Platforms Improve Client Relationships


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Learn more about why using a client relationship management system is a key part of the process for expanding your coaching business.


How Do I Start a Coaching Platform?

The best coaching programs deliver content from someone who has knowledge in that area. Think about ideas or experiences which have made you a point of reference for a particular topic.

Next, create an outline of what your coaching program will look like and name your program. This will help you to attract a client base.

Now you’re ready to begin your first round of coaching. Be prepared for it to be a bit chaotic and be open to consumer feedback. Modify your coaching tools and plans as you go to develop the most effective coaching program over time.


How Can I Create a Coaching Platform Online?

When starting a new business or service, it’s always a good idea to reach out to people you know. The trust factor is already established with familiar faces.

If that business or service is online, though, your client base can be made up completely of people you’ve never met, so long as you connect with them on the internet. One of the most accessible ways to do this involves leveraging social media.

Take polls on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to see what people are talking about. You can also use your own research to attract specific clients that use each platform.

For example, data from LinkedIn shows that while 94% of interview candidates want to receive interview feedback, less than 50% of talent has ever received feedback before.


What Is the Best Coaching Tool?

There are dozens of coaching tools that can elevate your practice, including:

  • video conferencing software
  • books
  • interactive games
  • goal-setting worksheets
  • reflective meditations
  • social media kits
  • guided discussion ideas

Having a diverse toolkit will help your coaching business resonate with as many people as possible. Just as important is the coaching platform you use. Platforms like Coaching Genie will give your clients easy access to the resources your discussed and used during sessions.


Do Most Coaching Businesses Use a Coaching Platform to Deliver Coaching Services and Conduct Payment Processing?

Each coaching business is unique, but the best coaching businesses will use a quality digital coaching platform. Without one, the logistics of keeping up with an expanding client base, creating relevant content, and providing customers with a community experience may prove too much to manage.

Coaching platforms are ideal for people who are looking to grow their business or who already are facing increased demand for their services.

Aside from delivering coaching services and conducting payment processing, a coaching platform will store all of your intellectual property in one place, help you design automated reminders for clients, and develop different types of coaching styles and groups.


How Can the Digital Coaching App You Use Set You Apart to Attract Executive Coaching Clients?

If you’re looking to appeal to executive clients, your coaching company needs to be convenient for their fast-paced lifestyle. This means that a digital coaching app is crucial, so they have access to your services on the go.

It is important to select a digital coaching app that allows your clients to work on lessons and stay updated with their coaching community, whether they have five minutes in between meetings or they are checking their phones during a coffee break.

Executives also may look for coaching programs they can integrate into their employees’ company culture. You’ll need a coaching app that allows you to quickly and easily adapt your content to fit the context of different employee goals and instructions from management.


What Are Some Tips for Integrating a New Group Coaching Management Platform Into Your Existing Coaching Practice?

Once you’ve committed to a new online coaching management system, your next step will be to get your existing group client base on board. Here are a few ways to do so without making it too confusing or time-consuming.


Offer a Free Demo

Show your clients that your new system will make everyone’s lives better in the long run. By offering a free demo, you show that you trust the new software so much that you’re willing to give away your time to educate clients.


Create a How-to Module

One benefit that Coaching Genie offers is the ability to create stored lessons and sessions known as modules. Create a 20-minute module for clients and make it available to clients who may be confused. Even better, you can make it available 24/7 for anyone who wants to refer back to it.

Since people process photos and videos 60,000 times faster than they would by reading something, watching a video will be the fastest way for clients to become comfortable with your new software.


Use Weekly Check-Ins

Create weekly progress polls for your group clients based on how they are adapting to the new software. If you’re noticing common questions or struggles, you can aim to address all of their concerns in an upcoming group session.


What Is the Benefit of Online Coaching Management Platforms if the Delivery of Coaching Sessions Is in Person?

The main purpose of an online coaching management platform is to make your client experience better. Even if a professional coach provides services in person, including a digital element in your coaching process will enhance the client’s experience.

For example, our platform allows you to create a library of frequently asked questions that confused clients can refer to. If you’re unable to respond to a phone call or text, clients can still get the answers they need in real-time.

[bctt tweet=”Online coaching management programs also allow for a more personalized experience that a group coaching participant may look for in addition to their regularly scheduled coaching services. This member could complete online modules or follow up with you via the platform after a session.”]


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