How Group Coaching Software Supports Your Coaching Practice


Group Coaching Software | Coaching Genie, Milana Leshinsky

Are you curious on how group coaching software can support your coaching practice?  First lets dive in to what is involved in creating a group coaching program.

How do I make a group coaching program?

Begin by making a decision on the pricing, group size, and topic/outcome that you want to coach to. Name your group so it attracts the right people.

Decide if you are going to deliver your group coaching program with a curriculum and walk people through a specific step-by-step process or if you’re just going to bring people together on group coaching calls live and let the clients decide on the agenda. People use the terms “coaching group” and “group coaching program” interchangeably but they are different. A coaching groups is pure coaching done in a group environment with no curriculum. A group coaching program implies there is a step-by-step program people will follow.

Determining the number of sessions and frequency of meetings will program pricing.


What should be included in a group coaching program?

Ensure you have a way to connect people in the group. One of the most important features inside Coaching Genie is the ability for people to connect with each other, see what everybody else is working on, and feel a sense of accountability because they can see the progress of others.

You also want to include a curriculum or roadmap, so people know what they’ll be focusing on and the vision you have for them. You definitely want to create some type of implementation tools and exercises so that they have something to do, to stay connected to the program, and to move forward between the calls.

I love the idea of including some type of an assessment or progress-measuring tool that allows people to measure their progress. You can do this in Coaching Genie by using the weekly check-ins feature or by creating a quick form or assessment to measure where clients’ starting point and projected path.

Of course, you need to include weekly live group calls and accountability partnerships. You can either facilitate partnerships or people can connect themselves. Coaching Genie has a feature called collaboration coming out soon that will allow you to create accountability partnerships where group members can invite each other based on common interest or common time zone of other members.


How do you coach a group?

  • The basic process of a group coaching call are:
  • Set goals and intentions during each session
  • Present a topic focus
  • Facilitate a discussion


Remind clients this is a group program and everyone should:

  • Respect everyone’s time and presence
  • Ask the group for help (breakout sessions, between the calls)
  • Post in their journals or weekly check-ins (if you use Coaching Genie)
  • Listen for the relevant coaching when someone else is being coached


How much is a group coaching session?

I will encourage you to sell coaching as a program or membership rather than by single sessions.


What features should be included in good coaching management software?

The top four features I recommend you look for are:

  • Accountability: a primary goal to offer clients for all types of coaching
  • Achievement: to ensure clients feel they are progressing towards their goals
  • Awareness: so coaches can regularly assess client progress
  • Access: user-friendly platforms are critical to engagement

One of the easiest ways for you to run your group coaching programs is by using Coaching Genie because all of these features are available in the platform.


Do you really need to use group coaching software in your coaching practice?

The primary reason I chose to build Coaching Genie is because I couldn’t find anything that would allow me to manage all the moving pieces – such as communicating with clients, giving them feedback, checking their progress – in my group coaching programs. I wanted to deliver the coaching content, tools, and programs I created while sending call reminders, managing the groups and monitoring progress. I wanted to ensure clients were engaged, motivated and had accountability partners. Simultaneously, I wanted clients to have easy access while I also had a time efficient solution for practice management that didn’t feel overwhelming. These are the reasons it’s important to use a group coaching software like Coaching Genie – to have the most organized coaching business on the planet.


Can you effectively use Facebook groups as your coaching platform?

Facebook groups is not the best medium for delivering coaching or running your coaching business. Social media can be distracting and not everyone chooses to use social media.


What kind of online coaching software is best for an executive coach to promote client engagement without being time consuming for the coaching client?

[bctt tweet=”Executive coaches need to be time efficient for the sake of their clients who are incredibly busy.”]

Having an effective professional coaching solution like Coaching Genie helps both executive coaches and clients avoid time consuming practices and increases engagement.


What are the best coaching apps for health coaches that allow online scheduling, payments scheduling, and ideally offer a free trial?

Moving forward, Coaching Genie will be offering payments to help coaches in all areas and already offers a free 14 day trial.


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