9 Things To Know When Creating Your Group Coaching Program


Group Coaching Program | Coaching Genie, Milana Leshinsky

What is group coaching?

Group coaching is coaching in a group setting in person or virtually. Group coaching is popular and people enjoy participating in group programs because the group dynamics impact and benefit the coaching process.


What should be included in a group coaching program?

A typical group coaching program contains:

  • Content: usually in the form of training videos
  • Assessment: measure progress over time and justify client investment
  • Implementation activities: provides clients with ongoing engagement between live calls
  • Live calls: generally weekly calls among members for accountability, support, feedback, and coaching
  • Clear expectations: outlines for clients to know where they’re headed and to celebrate small goals throughout the program to stay motivated

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The client journal feature allows clients to document and compare challenges and progress throughout the program.


How do I make a group coaching program?

To create a group coaching program, keep it simple. Otherwise, you’ll invest time without assurance people are interested. Select the topic or theme of your program. Next, invite people you’ve already established the know, like and trust factor with. This will be your closest circle of family, friends, past clients, peers, and anybody else you know who might be interested in your program.


How much do group coaches charge?

Group coaches charge $100 to $1,000 a month or more, depending on their niche, experience, and existing brand recognition against competition in that counseling space.

Coaching Genie increases results and the overall client experience. It adds value to your coaching program and allows you to confidently charge more for your program while being assured clients will receive a great coaching experience. They are more likely to experience satisfaction and avoid buyer’s remorse or refund requests.


What are some coaching models and coaching tools to help you create your group coaching business?

Your program could be content-based offering pure group coaching with no content, curriculum, or blueprint for people to follow.

Decide if you’ll run small, intimate groups or create large groups. If you are running larger groups, you’ll typically have more focus on the training material versus coaching. Small groups offer more opportunity for coaching, hot seats, and laser coaching.

Group coaching programs can be delivered in person or virtually, depending on your lifestyle and how you want to run your business.

There are three types of tools needed to run a group coaching business:

  • group management tool
  • content management tool
  • call management tool

Coaching Genie offers all three of these features to help you run your group coaching business with ease.


How can you create a successful business doing online group coaching?

Start by choosing a model. Determine if you’ll use rolling enrollment (allowing people to join/leave any time) or a definitive start/end point. Build connections and expand your circle of influence so you have people to invite whenever you start a new group.

Focus on list building. Launching a program is easier if you have a captive audience in the form of a mailing list to announce it to. Consider having multiple group levels or tiers with different price points to appeal to various buyers.

Ensure you have a successful online group coaching business by upselling one-on-one coaching to maximize revenue. Clients who fall in love with your personality and expertise in the group environment will often ask for private access and coaching.

Always have a coaching platform in place, such as Coaching Genie, to easily manage your groups and content in a time efficient manner.


How can you use Facebook groups and other social media platforms for recruitment of group members?

Use Facebook groups for filling your group programs by hosting online challenges and live streams, particularly if you run your own Facebook group. To leverage other people’s Facebook groups, participate by answering questions to build connections and relationships with people you meet in those groups.


How can I best summarize the benefits of group coaching programs and format for prospective clients?

Group coaching programs are superior in offering peer coaching and support, motivation and accountability, and a structured path, considering that you might be offering some type of curriculum, blueprint, or process for people to follow.


How many group coaching sessions are in a good program?

Depending on your business model and desired price point, you might have between eight to 16 group coaching sessions. Generally, 90 days (12 weeks) suffices to accomplish any goal, allow participant engagement without demotivation, and provides time for momentum and results.


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