Examples of going “beyond 1-on-1 coaching” business model


Are you thinking of taking your business beyond 1-on-1 coaching? Or, perhaps you don’t want to add any more private sessions to your calendar?

Whether you want to leverage your time and expertise better or to create more freedom in your life, it’s time to shift to a more scalable business model.

You can start packaging your expertise into…

  • Group coaching programs
  • Mastermind groups
  • Membership-based programs
  • E-coaching programs
  • Evergreen programs or courses
  • Inner circles or mentoring programs
  • Rolling enrollment style programs
  • Online community

You can also start creating coaching tools (I am sure you already have some from coaching with your private clients), then sell them separately or as part of your coaching programs.

For example:

  1. Worksheets and workbooks
  2. Video and audio trainings
  3. Coaching exercises and journal prompts
  4. Assessments and self-assessments
  5. Recordings from my online challenges
  6. Forms, checklists, and templates
  7. Guided meditations
  8. Video tutorials and presentations
  9. Workshop recordings
  10. Recordings of speaking at events
  11. Interview recordings


As you can see, possibilities are endless!

But there’s ONE question that stops many coaches from going beyond 1-on-1.

“How do I deliver all the coaching programs, packages, tools, courses, and memberships I am planning to offer?”

The delivery can get really complex and may stop you from moving forward.

That’s why I created Coaching Genie, an online coaching platform that allows you to deliver your content, build coaching programs, and manage your clients and groups – all under one roof.

In other words…

It allows you to scale your coaching business with simplicity and create any kind of coaching program or tool you dream up!

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