Everything You Need to Know About Running an Online Coaching System


online coaching system | Coaching Genie | Milana LeshinskyDo you find it hard to deliver your coaching programs online as you would like?

Would it be of great help to use an online coaching system that helps coachees stay on track and follow through with their program? Could you benefit from automating many of the administrative tasks that are necessary to keep your coaching program moving forward. Online coaching systems can help free up your time so you can focus more of your efforts on planning, delivering, and analyzing outcomes.

Do you look forward to the day you’ll be able to create and deliver online coaching programs efficiently? If so, here are answers to questions that will enable you to find the elusive fulfillment.


Which Is the Best Online Coaching Platform?

The best online coaching platform offers coaching solutions tailored to your specific needs. It is scalable and has a wide variety of features that enable you to tailor the solution according to the needs of your coaching business.

The platform looks into the target audience’s needs and makes it easier to perform tasks such as booking payments, creating and sending newsletters to clients, and tracking client progress.

It helps streamline the client management process by letting you manage your time more effectively.

Additionally, the platform manages coachees in groups or individually. Thus, helping them stay on track with their goals by providing adequate motivation and feedback from the coach/manager.

For these reasons, Coaching Genie is among the top online coaching systems available.


How Do I Create an Online Coaching Program?

Creating a customized coaching program and having it up and running in no time is possible using an online coaching platform.

The best online platform offers ease-of-use features that enable you to drag and drop content blocks. This is arranged in a sequence that helps your clients get the most out of their coaching program.

The ideal platform lets you manage multiple programs and coaches simultaneously, making it easy to customize each one according to different learning styles, skill level, and personal preferences.


How Do You Manage Online Coaching?

The best platform offers a wide range of features that enables you to manage online coaching programs easier. An online coaching system should have the following abilities and characteristics to provide maximum support and ease to coaches and clients alike:

  • You can create and send customized emails, newsletters, and messages to coachees
  • You can schedule appointments
  • It helps you track client progress by sending reminders
  • It simplifies the scheduling of calls
  • Members can be managed in a group or individually
  • Clients book programs with great ease
  • Coaches can deliver content directly to clients through the platform

You can manage the engagement and interaction level of your clients with automated email messages and calendar reminders.

The best online platform offers features that enable you to create effective coaching programs different from traditional classroom-based training programs. Besides, it helps streamline all aspects of group coaching.

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Can Coaching Be Done Online?

Yes, it is possible to handle all aspects of coaching online. All you need is a coaching platform that lets you:

  • Track and report on coaching programs in real time
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Manage client interactions
  • Communicate/collaborate via the web
  • Conduct courses online
  • Create and deliver courses instantly
  • Setup, conduct, and track coaching programs
  • Allow clients to access anytime
  • Enable easy and secure payment of course fees


What Are the Best Aspects of Coaching Businesses to Deliver to Clients Through Online Coaching Platforms?

Coaching businesses that deliver programs through online coaching platforms can give their clients more flexibility and convenience. In addition, these types of services offer the following benefits:

  • Give coachees easy access to knowledge, information, and expertise from anywhere at anytime
  • More frequent interactions
  • The opportunity for coachees to review content as often as they wish
  • Provides an easy way for coachees to receive feedback on their progress
  • Offers coaching businesses the ability to expand into new markets quickly and easily
  • Provides real-time support


How Can the Use of a Group Coaching Management Platform Help Keep Clients On Track?

A group coaching management platform helps keep clients on track with their goals. In addition, it provides adequate motivation and feedback from the coach/manager.

The best platform enables you to:

  • Send reminders on scheduled meetings, milestones, deadlines
  • Manage coachees in groups or individually
  • Easily document interactions
  • Track client progress
  • Easily offer virtual or live events


Do Clients Experience More Incredible Follow-Through When Given the Option for Scheduling Sessions Online?

Clients experience more follow-through when given the option to schedule their sessions independently.

Online scheduling sessions can be carried out through programs such as Acuity scheduling, where the coach and client connect through the platform.


What Are Other Common, Easy-To-Use Online Scheduling Options Besides Acuity Scheduling?

Besides Acuity scheduling, coaching companies can use other standard online scheduling. For example, they can choose options like Google calendar and Microsoft Outlook.


How Can the Use of Online Coaching Management Platforms Influence the Relationship Between Coach and Client?

The use of online coaching management platforms establishes a solid connection between coach and client by creating an open line of communication. Online coaching management platforms make it possible for coaches and clients to communicate and manage their interactions.

They also allow team member collaboration on any given course or program. This also contributes to a sense of community within coaching programs.

Finally, online coaching management platforms support the coach-client relationship because coaching can easily watch the progress of coachees and have the ability to respond and/or adjust the program as necessary.


How Can the Ability to Monitor and Note Clients’ Progress in Real-Time Increase the Efficiency of a Coaching Practice Through an Online Coaching System?

The ability to track and note clients progress in real-time enables a coaching practice to be more efficient by:


Measuring and Tracking

Either through analytics or manually, monitoring and noting clients’ progress enables effective decision-making and planning. Allowing clients to see progress helps them stay motivated throughout a program.


Reducing Expenses

By having many administrative tasks automated, such as session reminders, you can avoid having to outsource this task to a personal assistant or use your time to do it (rather than spend it on other revenue generating activities). Additionally, having a single system that can perform any of the necessary back end activities such as payment processing, you can avoid additional service fees and program costs.


Enhancing Client Service

A coach can offer the best service to a client by being proactive and responding quickly to their questions and concerns. Providing clients with a single platform for communications is user-friendly and offers a higher quality of service. An online coaching system gives clients the freedom to fit a coaching program into their busy lives and participate anytime they have a free moment.


Get Started with an Online Coaching System

A coach can always keep in touch with their coaches and offer them support when they need it. However, if you want to make a difference in delivering your coaching programs online, then check out our Coaching Genie. Coaching Genie is designed with both coaches and clients in mind.

The free 14 day trial lets you experience or feel the benefits your company reap from utilizing a client-focused online coaching system platform. Besides, it allows you to decide what aspects of the platform best suit your coaching demands.

Contact us today for a chance to talk with an innovator in the coaching industry with over 20 years of experience.


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