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Coaching Software | Coaching Genie, Milana LeshinskyWhat software do coaches use?

The type of software used by coaches depends on the kind of coaching they do, their business model, and their technical skills. Some coaches avoid using software, but because it enhances business productivity and efficiency, as well as professional appearance, most coaches eventually explore available software options.

Understanding the purpose of coaching software will help in its evaluation. Two primary reasons for its use are to generate and work with clients. Software is required to generate leads, collect names and email addresses, and follow up. Typically, this is the function of customer relationship management (CRM) software. Other software may include networking software, social media management software, and tools that allow coaches to attract and sign up clients into coaching programs. All-in-one software is not recommended, as it usually involves a high learning curve and additional tools.

Once clients are attained, coaching sessions and scheduling must be managed to ensure they are moving forward. Content delivery software and progress measurement software help with accountability and progress tracking by making sure clients are aware of their schedule and getting the results they expect.

Another purpose of software is to manage the business itself. Practice management software includes tools for billing and payments, a calendar, team details, general resources, coaching resources and content, and program details.


What type of coaching programs do coaches need software for?

Coaching software is useful for coaching programs that require content delivery, email reminders, or managing group members. Any coaching program with multiple moving pieces and administrative setup can be streamlined or automated by software.

A coaching program is a structured coaching package versus open-ended coaching. In a typical program, coaches need to deliver content such as training modules, videos, PDF workbooks, and audio. Tracking client progress is also mandatory.

Software is also needed to simplify the management of a group coaching program, where a lot of moving pieces require easy communication with clients and all the pieces can be streamlined in one easy place. Depending on how complex a coaching program is, software may also be useful to manage additional coaches.

Coaching programs that deliver retreats or events need a tool to manage those pieces and communicate with clients, the team, and other support staff.


How does Coaching Genie support coaching programs?

Coaching Genie was created as a solution for the all-in-one delivery of one or more coaching programs. It specifically supports delivering coaching programs in group format because of the complications inherent with so many moving pieces. This includes content delivery, sending live coaching call reminders, providing a place for homework, collecting homework, and giving clients a place to check in to assess progress.

Coaching Genie is unique from other platforms because coaches can publish their call recordings right in the platform. Coaches can publish replays at a central location and let clients know they are available.

Typically, coaches use email and cloud storage, requiring clients to log in at different places to find all the pieces. Coaching Genie offers one place for clients to access resources, which is a time-efficient solution for all. Coaches can also reuse, repurpose, and leverage previously created resources for future programs.


What is the best CRM software for life coaches?

CRM software is an important marketing tool because it allows coaches to build mailing lists, capture names and emails of potential clients, follow up with them, and sell coaching programs and services.

The best CRM software for coaches is the one they find easiest to use. All CRM systems have thousands of features and functions, but coaches typically use no more than 10–20% of them. Popular CRM systems include Infusionsoft, Ontraport, and 1shoppingcart. They all have similar features, but some are more complex than others. Hiring a virtual assistant to set up the system is helpful regardless of what software is used.


How does Coaching Genie support a coach’s CRM?

Coaching Genie starts where CRM software ends. A coach can connect to any CRM software by grabbing a link from Coaching Genie and connecting a program to the software. Once that link is on a web page, clients can automatically access it, allowing seamless program delivery to paying clients.


What is the benefit of using CRM software for online coaching?

CRM software allows delivery of great online coaching programs and the capacity to grow as a coach. The business is only limited by the system used. CRM software is especially important to start leveraging expertise by creating a signature program and even growing a coaching team.

Another benefit is professional presentation. Not only does CRM software help coaches feel more confident about what they’re offering, but it also shows that the coach is well organized and prepared. If the coach appears disorganized, the implication is that the coach doesn’t have a system, doesn’t have a process, and perhaps cannot be trusted to deliver results. With CRM software, coaches can fully deliver, giving clients the confidence that their investment is worth it.


How can the use of coaching practice management software be a useful tool for saving time for a coaching company?

When running a coaching business, day-to-day tasks can be time consuming even if they don’t generate revenue. Many of these tasks are administrative, such as processing payments, scheduling sessions, sending call reminders and coaching exercises, and collecting homework. Many of these tasks can be automated when using coaching practice management software.


How can Coaching Genie help save time for coaching and clients?

[bctt tweet=”Coaching Genie was designed to save time. Many manual tasks are required to deliver coaching programs, such as scheduling call reminders.”]

When using a one-on-one coaching business model, scheduling software will automatically send reminders, but when delivering coaching programs to a group, other platforms such as database management software are necessary to deliver those reminders easily. With Coaching Genie, once a schedule of calls is built, the system automatically sends reminders.

Coaching Genie saves time because content doesn’t need to be recreated for every program. Once a lesson or coaching resource is created, the coach simply slides that content into the program with one button click. Nothing needs to be recreated or re-uploaded.

Publishing replays can also be very time-consuming. The practice of saving a file, uploading it to Facebook, and hoping people will find it is thwarted when it is pushed down a week later. With everything in one place, though, coaches and clients save time because all replays are in one place. Coaches can automatically notify clients that a replay is published and available, and no additional email tool is required to deliver coaching call replays.


What should be considered when evaluating the use of scheduling software such as Acuity to avoid the time-consuming task of setting client appointments or group coaching sessions?

The most important factor when evaluating scheduling software is ease of use for coaches and clients and customization with features that will support clients, such as follow-up reminders, intake forms, and necessary attachments.

With just a few clients, scheduling software may seem unnecessary, but as business grows, especially when group coaching sessions are introduced, scheduling software becomes a huge time-saving tool.

No existing calendar platform will send reminders to a group, but Coaching Genie offers that feature. Once a schedule of upcoming coaching calls is built, Coaching Genie automatically reminds clients about these calls, thus increasing show-up rate.


How can coaching software be useful to coaching clients, increase coaching engagements, and overall strengthen a coaching program?

Clients experience better results when using a system that provides engagement tools, such as value creation. With the right software, coaches can create a remarkable experience for clients.

Clients can experience a barrier with the wrong software. Using Facebook groups can be counterproductive because people aren’t in work mode when using it. Some clients may not even have social media accounts.
With Coaching Genie, clients don’t need social media accounts because it allows easy interaction with other group members, like progress check-ins. Every client gets a journal and chooses to make it private or public.

Coaches can also read check-ins, journals, comments, and the thought processes of clients as they participate in the program. This increases engagement by allowing coaches to engage with clients throughout the program beyond assigning training videos and attending coaching calls.

By completing homework, journaling, and observing other clients doing the same, clients experience more engagement, inspiration, and motivation that proactively move them forward.

Finally, a coaching program that uses software that increases the ease of participation and work for clients can command more money.


Can coaching software support executive coaching programs?

In an executive coaching business, technology is especially important. Coaching executives requires full preparation of all systems and tools. Software must have a clean interface, be easy to use, and not have any learning-intensive “extras.”

By nature, executives are very busy and need everything in one easy-to-access place where they can easily peruse materials and track progress. Typically, these clients are very specific as to what they want to achieve, which is why they hired a coach or joined the program.

Every client wants to see a return on investment (ROI) but especially executives, because they need to report back to their management to show what the coaching helped them achieve. Tools like weekly check-ins and client journals inside Coaching Genie will help them demonstrate the ROI.


How can the use of coaching software support real-time coaching tools?

Real-time coaching tools like Zoom allow coaches to give immediate coaching and feedback. Coaching Genie allows immediate feedback to clients when they journal or submit their weekly reports that share their challenges, insights, and successes.


Can the use of coaching software free up time, thus enabling coaches to reach more clients?

The goal of using software is to automate and streamline time-consuming tasks in a coaching business. Choosing software that allows both coaches and clients to save time on the most tedious and repetitive tasks is well worth it. The cost of coaching software is absolutely worth the time gained that can be used to coach clients and generate revenue.


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