3 Emotions People Must Feel Before They’ll Join Your Coaching Program


Have you ever considered what your clients are feeling before they decide to join your coaching program? What emotional journey do they go through?

I’ve been delivering coaching programs for almost two decades, and I’ve also joined dozens of programs as a client. And what I discovered is that there are 3 emotional stages your potential clients go through before they’ll make a decision to invest in your coaching program.

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Let me share my thoughts and I’d love to see what you think about it.

Emotion #1: “I WANT THIS, I NEED THIS!” This happens when they recognize that your program is highly relevant to them. It focuses on their “top of mind problem”, their biggest pain or desire. This is when they decide to register for your free webinar or a strategy session.

Emotion #2: “I BELIEVE I CAN DO THIS, I BELIEVE IT CAN CHANGE MY LIFE!” This is when they feel inspired to make a change in their life or business, and it’s usually triggered when they attend your webinar, read your emails, or talk to you in a strategy session. To help your prospects feel this emotion, you want to show them what’s possible. They need to experience a paradigm shift, breakthrough, or an ah-ha moment. They must also acknowledge what’s in the way of solving the problem or reaching their desired goal.

Emotion #3: “I AM READY TO DO WHAT’S NECESSARY TO MAKE THIS CHANGE!” The final emotion they experience happens when they decide they’re ready to commit to this transformation and invest in the program. They’re basically saying, “I am IN. When do we start?”  What triggers this emotion is when they see that YOU believe in them and their ability to change! They’re ready to invest in themselves. They’re ready to let go of any past disappointments and failures and make their goal a priority in their lives!

We all go through these stages, whether we realize it or not. Our level of commitment and desire increases at each stage, and finally, we’re ready to pull out that credit card and say YES to ourselves! This is true whether you’re joining a group coaching program or simply hiring a coach, but it’s a little easier to demonstrate with a program because it’s more tangible and process-driven.

How do you see the emotional journey your clients go through before they start working with you?



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