Coaching Genie 2.0 is HERE! Get the details on what’s new!


Yep, we’re FINALLY releasing the new version with many improvements and awesome new features!

The migration to the new version will take place on Thursday, March 3, in the morning EST.

Upon migration, ALL of your modules, courses, and groups will be transferred to the new version, so you can just log in with the same account information and continue to use your Genie! 🙂

Our team is working hard to ensure a smooth transition. If you have any questions, please send us an email at [email protected]

If you missed the two training calls, you watch the replay below:


  1. Coaching Genie 2.0 Training with Milana #1 (REPLAY)
  2. Coaching Genie 2.0 Training with Milana #2 (REPLAY)


We will be updating our knowledgebase tutorials over the next few months, but for now be sure to attend our Tuesday Training calls.

Here are the 25 most important features and improvements we’ve added to the new version:


1. “My Courses” replaced “My Programs” to avoid future confusion.

2. You can find most of the important group pages under “Delivery” menu.

3. Groups can now be set to “Self-Paced” allowing clients to unlock the next module as soon as the previous is marked “Complete”

4. Weekly Check-ins are now optional.

5. Upcoming Events now have a “Recurring Event” setting, where you can indicate how often and when the coaching calls take place.

6. You will also be able to connect your account to Zoom, so that every upcoming event you schedule automatically creates a meeting in your Zoom account. This feature will be enabled shortly.

7. “Module Release” page looks a little different making it easy for you to customize clients’ curriculum.

8. You will find a “Collaboration” feature under the Delivery pages. This feature allows you to form accountability groups either by assigning partners or by letting group members invite each other. Members will show up on the list of available partners only if they choose to collaborate.

9. You can now build beautiful modules using a Page Builder, which allows you to customize them as much as you desire. The simple module editor is still available if you choose to keep things simple 🙂

10. We now have a Media Library, which stores all your images, videos, audios, and documents so you can reuse them instead of uploading them over and over again. You can access this library under your profile in the top right corner menu, as well as while you create your modules and other pages.

11. You can now upload your videos right into the modules in Builder mode.

12. A My Clients page is now available, where you can see ALL of your clients across all the groups, as well as download (or “export”) a list of clients if needed.

13. If you do 1-on-1 coaching sessions and would like to take notes, you can now create Session Notes under My Clients page.

14. Each group now comes with a Discussion forum! So if you prefer keeping your conversations inside Coaching Genie instead of using a social media platform, you can do that. You or any group member can start a new discussion post.

15. If you’d like to increase group engagement and implementation, you can now create Group Contests (can be found on the Members page for each group). You can set the dates of the contest and the actions you want to track, then watch the leaderboard to see how members are doing and who is winning.

16. In Self-Paced groups you can watch Members Progress (can be found on the Members page) to see which modules they completed and where they are in the course.

17. You can now set a group member as a Group Moderator, which will allow them to view private journal entries and delete inappropriate comments. This feature is useful if you have “sub-coaches” or “team coaches” in your programs.

18. You can also Share Modules with another coach. This is useful when you want to license your content, program, or course to other coaches, and it makes it easy to simply export (or copy) your content to another coach’s account.

19. You can mark a group Private if you want to use it with a 1-on-1 client. Private groups do not have Collaboration, Discussion, or Group Contests, since there is only one client in the group.

20. You can now organize your modules by Category or “folder”. Simply indicate which category you want the module to be assigned to, then you can easily show all the modules in that folder by using the category filter in the top right corner of My Modules page.


The Menu in the Top Right Corner Also Has Important New Features!


21. My Profile page allows you to add your bio (visible to other group members and collaboration partners), change your password, and connect your account to Stripe and Zoom.

22. You can now create forms and assessments under My Forms to build a multiple-choice quiz, a self-assessment, or a simple intake form, and share it with your group members at any time.

23. My Products page allows you to create simple landing pages where you can sell your programs using Stripe.

24. Custom Domain (available to “Build” and “Scale” customers) allows you to use your own domain and logo instead of Coaching Genie’s.

25. Email History tells you which emails were sent out from your account, and whether your group members received and opened them.


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