10 Things to Consider Before Launching a Group Coaching Program


Group coaching can be incredibly lucrative and it can completely revolutionize your business and your ability to generate revenue. It allows you to coach more clients in less time and with less effort while making more money at the same time, but is launching a group coaching program right for you? Let’s find out.

You will learn:

  • The 10 things you need to consider before launching a group coaching program
  • The mindset required when transitioning to a group coaching model
  • How to simplify and supercharge your programs


Before you start a group coaching program, consider these first!

Before you start offering online group coaching, I would like you to consider the following statements and answer with a Yes or No to each one.

1. You enjoy working with groups and facilitating a group conversation. If you can’t stand the idea of speaking to a group of people or letting other people speak in a conversation, then it’s probably safe to say that launching a group coaching program is not for you at this moment.

2. You notice that you’ve been answering the same questions over and over again during your one-on-one coaching sessions, you’re offering similar exercises and solutions to your clients, and maybe you just can’t stand answering these questions.

3. You love coaching, but you wish there was a more leveraged way to do it. Maybe your schedule is starting to max out, or you haven’t really walked away from your computer or your phone in three months. It’s a good sign that it’s time to shift into a more leveraged business model.

4. You’re excited about growing and scaling your business. You’re no longer content with being a little coach on the phone as a friend of mine called it. You want to stop filling your days with one-on-one coaching sessions and really take your business to the next level.


group coaching program


5. You are ready to focus on a specific target audience and help people with a specific problem. In other words, you don’t want to be the kind of coach who coaches anyone on anything anymore. You are ready to claim an area of expertise.

6. You believe that transformation can happen not only in one-on-one coaching, but in a group format. And as you will find out from my other videos, online group coaching can often create more value than one-on-one sessions and you can even charge double or triple for your group programs compared to your private coaching.

7. You are excited to build your own audience. You really love the idea of having a community, a mailing list, a platform where you can connect with your ideal clients. You’re thrilled about building an audience that’s ready to receive your promotions for your next program. Now isn’t that exciting?

8. You understand that you have to create some type of a process or a program. To structure your group around open-ended coaching is great for one-on-one clients. But when you work with groups, we need a sequence of steps, actions, and building blocks that you can take people through. I was personally excited to stop asking my clients, “So what do you want to talk about today?”

9. You have access to associations and groups that you can partner with or tap into. So you already have a way to start reaching your desired clients: Connections. You can talk to joint venture partners.

10. You understand that when it comes to group coaching, clients are not only paying for your expertise, but for the access to the group and for the overall group coaching program experience. In other words, you are okay, knowing that you are not the guru and the value will not only come from access to you, but from other people and components of the program.

So how did you do? How many of these statements did you say Yes to?

If you answered Yes to three of these statements, it’s time to consider the group coaching model.


What makes the group coaching model different?

Transitioning to group coaching requires a different mindset because:

  • You are no longer selling coaching.
  • You sell specific outcomes.
  • Filling a group program requires a clear focus.


group coaching model


Your ideal clients can instantly recognize themselves in your messaging and the way you describe your online group coaching program.

It’s about shifting to a business that gives freedom to scale your business while serving more clients.


How to Deliver Your Group Coaching Program

You also want to think about the tools that you need to offer group coaching programs.

When I transitioned to a group coaching model, I used multiple tools across various platforms.

So for years, I’ve been “Frankensteining” my programs together, putting them together out of spare parts from different platforms. And I still realized that I needed and wanted to consider the processes and organize and automate them into an easy-to-use system.

Unfortunately, nothing like that existed so I created my own. That’s how Coaching Genie was born.

If you’re not using Coaching Genie, watch the free demo to see how it can simplify and supercharge your coaching programs.


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