11 Ways to Relaunch Your Coaching Program


So you have successfully launched and delivered your coaching program and your clients have nothing but praise for how it has transformed their business and their life. And now, you’re ready to welcome a new group of clients but have some doubts and hesitations around relaunching your coaching program.

If you’re like most coaches, you have probably searched for the best “original launch” strategy out there. But how about strategies for how to launch a coaching program again?

In this video, I will be sharing the proven ways for relaunching your coaching program so stick around.

You will learn:

  • Whether you should use the same launch content or not
  • 11 ways to launch your coaching program again
  • A quick and easy way to deliver your program again


Should you use the same launch content again?

I see a lot of advice on how to launch a coaching program or how to fill a brand-new coaching program. Most often, each live launch strategy follows the same process. You create a webinar, develop some marketing content, and send it to your mailing list.

how to relaunch your coaching program

What I haven’t seen is a discussion on how to fill the same program the second time around to the same audience.

Do you just send the same content to the same list of people?

It feels a little redundant, even if some people didn’t see it the first time around.

I personally need to feel excited and enthusiastic about launching my program. I need to know that I am sharing something that will create a breakthrough or ah-ha moments for my audience.

Sharing the same exact content just doesn’t feel that exciting or innovative, so what are the best ways to approach this?


How to Relaunch Your Coaching Program: 11 Proven Ways

What I love about launching a coaching program multiple times is that you don’t actually have to recreate everything.

Just think about all the assets you (or your team) have already created, from sales copy and emails, to social media promos, graphics, etc. Would you just hide them in a little corner online and forget about them after your first launch? Well, that would be such a waste of great content and the effort you put into it, right?

This is why I wanted to share some of the ideas that have worked for me personally, as well as for my successful peers and friends.

how to launch a coaching program

Here are 11 proven ways on how to relaunch your coaching program again and again:

  1. Use a different way to talk about the problem (perhaps you saw something new during your first promotion or delivery?)
  2. Teach a different part of your signature system.
  3. Share success stories from the first round of the program.
  4. Keep the same structure for launching, just switch up the content.
  5. Add a second webinar/masterclass towards the end of the promotion.
  6. Add a tool/assessment/video to the pre-sales content.
  7. Add a book/report on the front end of the promotion (before the webinar).
  8. Start your launch with an online challenge.
  9. Offer your Alumni a chance to do it again at a discounted price.
  10. Create a list of your ideal clients that didn’t do it last time and do a personal invitation to them with a special bonus.
  11. Get in front of new people using organic, paid ads, or partnerships.

What do you think? Which of these ideas feel doable or useful to you? Perhaps something else worked for you to fill the same coaching program for the second time?


how to relaunch your coaching program


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