8 Questions to Ask Clients to Get Great Testimonials


Getting great testimonials from clients is really important because that is your marketing material. There is nothing more important than having testimonials about your coaching program or your group coaching program. So if you’re wondering how to get testimonials from clients, you’re in the right place.

In this video, I’ll share with you the 8 important questions to ask clients to get great testimonials that represent your program in the best way possible.


The Importance of Testimonials

If you notice that when you go to a coach’s website or when you read about a coaching program, testimonials is something that you typically go to to read about the program to understand the kind of results that clients have gotten out of the coaching program, out of working with a coach.

The Problem with Typical Testimonials

When it comes to strategies on how to get testimonials from clients, it is really important to make sure that your testimonials represent your program in the best way. Unfortunately, most people don’t give great testimonials.

Even if they were happy with your program, they really don’t know how to communicate their level of satisfaction or happiness about your program.

A lot of people will just ramble on and on and they don’t know what to say or how to say. That’s why most testimonials are written.

The Solution: Asking the Right Questions

The way I request testimonials is by sending people a request for a testimonial. And I actually ask them a specific question. So today, I want to share with you the eight questions that I asked my clients to get really great testimonials.


How to Get Testimonials from Clients: 8 Questions to Ask

When I give testimonials to somebody, they always use it on their website because I understand exactly what I need to say that will shine the light on the most important elements or results that I received from the program or from working with a coach.

In fact, I actually had an award winning testimonial one time at an event where everybody was invited to give testimonials out of 300 participants.

My testimonial was voted to be number one. So I really want to show you how I give great testimonials. And how I encourage or guide my clients to give great testimonials.

So if you’re wondering how to get testimonials from clients the right way, here are the questions you need to ask:

1. What was your situation before you signed up for my program?

So this question is really important because it gets your client to really talk about where they were. It’s the “before” story.

This is where they’ll share their struggles, their search, their challenges and the pain that they’ve gone through trying to solve the problem.


2. What was the main problem you wanted to solve?

So this really allows and kind of forces your clients to focus to really pinpoint the problem that they were looking to solve.

It makes them be very specific as opposed to being very general or generic, which we don’t want in a testimonial because generic answers create fluff and then you just end up with a very fluffy testimonial that you can’t use on your website.


3. What have you previously tried to solve your challenges?

When your clients answer this question, it really helps them to talk about the alternative solutions. Maybe they’ll say, “Well I tried working through this program and that program.”

Or maybe they don’t even have to name it. They’ll just say “I tried different programs. I read a book. I purchased this tool and it didn’t work.”

Or “I tried this system.”

So they’ll talk about their attempts to solve the problem that didn’t work before.


4. Were you considering any other programs and what made mine more appealing?

So this question is really important because it shows the thinking that went into the decision making.


5. What made my offer, my program better when you were first considering it?

So this is the question where they will really help your potential clients decide, make a decision. What factors went into the decision making?


6. What was your biggest fear or hesitation about my program and what happened instead?

So this is where you have an opportunity to hear any of the objections that your clients had as they were entering or deciding to purchase your coaching program or offer and what actually happened.

If they were concerned that they’re not going to get enough support, what happened instead?

Did they get the support they wanted? If they were concerned that the program would take too much time, what happened in reality?

Did it take too much time or was it really easy and fast to go through? So this question is about handling objections.


6. What specifically did you like about my program or about working with me?

This is really giving the permission to brag about you and share all the things they loved about your coaching program and all the benefits that they received.


7. What happened in your business or your life since you joined my program?

So this question is really important because it shows the longevity of the results that your clients received from working with you.

So they weren’t just happy immediately after they completed your program, but they are continuing to experience the benefits and results and transformation, even a year since they completed your program.

How did their life change? What transformed or what transpired a year after they took the program? What kind of things they have been enjoying as a result, even a year later.


8. If you were to recommend this program to your best friend, what would you say?

This question always gets really juicy answers. I love asking this question because it really helps them focus on exactly the words they would use to recommend your program to somebody that they care about.

So this always comes with a lot of heart to heart conversation.


Bonus Tip: Video Testimonials

One little idea that I will also share with you is that you can ask these questions personally and on Zoom, for example, record a video, record the answers on video, and then edit the video down so that you have a little video testimonial with just the best golden nuggets.

So these are the questions, the eight questions that you can ask or should ask your clients after they complete your coaching program, after they are done working with you in a coaching relationship.

Then you can put these questions, their answers on your website in a form. Get the best nuggets out of their responses.

If you ask these eight questions, you’re going to get amazing testimonials. So go ahead, send these questions to your clients.

Then add the answers, add the amazing new testimonials to your website.

By understanding how to get testimonials from clients through the eight thoughtfully crafted questions, you can unlock the potential to showcase your program in the best possible light.


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