5 Decisions Clients Make Before Joining a Coaching Program


You have tried to implement the different strategies on how to get clients as a coach. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what kind of emotional journey your potential clients go through before they actually pull out their credit card?

In this video, we’ll talk about the five things that go through your potential clients’ minds as they are making that decision to join your coaching program.

You will learn:

  • Questions clients ask themselves to see if they are connecting with your program emotionally
  • How they evaluate whether you are the right coach for them
  • The decision that helps increase the profitability of your coaching business
  • The intellectual and emotional decision potential clients make
  • When clients decide they are ready to join your coaching program


How to Get Clients as a Coach: 5 Decisions Clients Make

Clients go through emotional stages before they decide whether your coaching program is a good fit for them.

Knowing these key decisions your potential clients make will definitely help you as you fine-tune your strategy on how to sell your coaching program.

1. Vibe.

People are checking out if they are connecting emotionally.

This refers to your potential client’s emotional response, and instant reaction.

They might ask themselves:

Am I in the right place? Is this a place for me?

Will I fit in? Do I belong?


2. Leader.

The second thing they take into consideration is about you, the leader.

Your potential client will ask themselves:

Is this the right leader for the program for me?

Is this the right mentor coach for me?

Will they get me? Do I want to learn from this person?

Do they live the life or do they run the business I want to emulate?

So these are some of the questions they are asking themselves as they are evaluating the opportunity to join your coaching program.

When you’re mapping out your strategy on how to get clients as a coach, you will find these questions helpful as you are telling your story and how you are the right coach for them.

Their confidence in you as the coach or leader will help increase the profitability of your coaching business as it’s one of the best retention strategies for coaches.


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3. Content.

One of the best ways to sell a group coaching program is to make sure that your content is exactly what your clients need to achieve their goals.

Here are some of the questions that potential clients think about when evaluating the content of your coaching program:

What will I learn?

What conversations are we going to have in the program?

Is it relevant to me?

Do I want to invest my time in learning these things?


4. Group.

There are several ways to get coaching clients. So what else do clients look for when they sign up for coaching programs?

One of the things they want is connection so they will definitely be evaluating the group.

Here are some of the questions they will be asking themselves:

Who else is going to be in the group?

Will they appreciate and understand my background and expertise?

Will they understand and appreciate my experience?

And will I enjoy being part of the group? Will I belong to the group?

Clients want to be part of a group where they have shared goals and experiences, and be able to feel like they can get the support they need from others who are going through the same journey.

This is both an intellectual and emotional decision that people will make.


5. Experience.

Your potential clients will evaluate the experience itself. That’s when they think about the structure and format of your group coaching format.

Here are some of the questions they will ask themselves:

Will it bring value to me, my life, and my business?

Is it going to be a collaborative experience?

Am I going to be working with small groups?

Is there going to be a laser coaching mastermind?

Will I have access to the leader?

So these are all of the questions that have to do with more of the logistical parts of their decision.


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When Potential Clients Decide to Invest in Your Coaching Program

The decisions that people have to make and go through, typically in this order, subconsciously or consciously doesn’t matter.

These five things are what people are going through before they make a decision to join.

After they go through these emotional stages, they will start thinking about the cost, the schedule, and of course the trust in you as the leader.

They will ask themselves, “Do I trust the leader, the message, the promise of the program?”

Keep these key decisions in mind as you are planning how to get clients as a coach so you can enroll your ideal clients into your coaching program.


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