Two Ways to Fill a Group Coaching Program


Are you looking for tried and tested strategies on how to fill your group coaching program? It can often be challenging to fill groups with dream clients.

So if this is something you’re struggling with, don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be!

Watch this video to explore two powerful strategies on how to fill your group coaching program, plus an innovative approach combining the two – fast-tracking success!


How to Fill Your Group Coaching Program: 2 Key Strategies

While it’s great to be a group coaching program creator, it’s even better to fill the programs you create with clients who are eager to learn and be coached by you.

After all, a program is only a course unless you sell and coach your clients through that program.

Ready to maximize your group coaching program? Let’s dive in and explore two effective strategies!

Sales Approach:
The sales approach is not one dimensional and it typically involves speaking directly to potential clients.

If you are drawn to the sales approach you likely feel more comfortable in these types of scenarios:

  • Offer free sessions
  • Attend networking meetings
  • Deliver you messaging from the stage
  • You get clients through referrals
  • You connect with ideal prospects on social media then sell them into your program

You’ll know if these approaches feel right for you or not. If they don’t come naturally you may be more inclined to use the next strategy on how to fill your group coaching program.


how to fill your group coaching program


Marketing Approach:
Much like the sales approach, there is no one way to market your business or offer. However, there are common ways you build your audience and show them how amazing you are.

If you are more comfortable with these types of activities, the marketing approach may be more your style. If you like to build an audience by offering:

  • Webinars
  • Online Challenges
  • Joint Venture Promotions
  • Virtual Summits
  • Paid Ads
  • Product Launches
  • Free Lead Magnets

The marketing approach helps you build authority and trust.

You can showcase your expertise and win customers over because they get to experience what it’s like to work with you, but in some situations, it’s not one approach or another, the best approach is a combination of the two.

So this brings us to this next powerful strategy on how to fill your group coaching program.


how to fill your group coaching program


Hybrid Approach:
This approach combines sales and marketing strategies in order to convert customers. You can market a webinar, fill it with potential clients, and make an offer on the webinar.

Some people will buy right there and then, and you can also follow up with those who expressed interest and offer free strategy sessions where you enroll more clients.


How to Launch a Group Coaching Program with Coaching Genie

Coaching Genie is a unique online group coaching platform that not only helps you organize your content and manage your clients and groups, but also provides an immersive experience for your clients.

This makes your group coaching program more valuable and easier to sell, speak about with confidence, and charge more for.

Additionally, potential clients can preview your coaching program by either sharing a few modules with them or giving them access as a “test client” so they can look around and experience what it’ll feel like to go through the program.

Watch the free demo today and discover how you can easily create and deliver your coaching programs quickly, easily, and professionally.



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