How to Deliver Effective Group Coaching Programs


Delivering group coaching programs is one of the best ways to scale your coaching business. But how do you make sure that your coaching program actually creates the results your clients want? How do you stand out from the thousands of other coaches who are offering the same solutions?

If you have dreamed of establishing an exceptional reputation as a coach and wondered how to deliver effective coaching, then this video is for you!

You will learn:

  • What coaching is and why it’s so valuable
  • Why you should turn a course into a group coaching program
  • Effective ways to integrate coaching into your group programs
  • The one thing that separates information from transformation
  • How to wow your clients with an amazing group coaching experience



What is coaching and why is it valuable?

Let’s start with the definition of coaching. I think that’s where people get stuck very often, which is why they don’t take the leap into group coaching.

The purpose of coaching is to inspire others to take action.

If people could get results by simply buying a program, there would be no purpose for coaching.

So ultimately, the goal of coaching is implementation support.

When clients go through your program content, they can get stuck or confused. They look for support, and that’s why coaching is so valuable.

Coaching is the implementation support clients need to move forward.

how to deliver effective coaching


Why turn a course into a group coaching program?

For example, in one of my group coaching programs, I help clients create their first virtual summit.

You have probably heard about these events where you have to watch 100 interviews in five days and listen to people’s never ending life stories and hopefully learn something useful. And then you get to build your list and make 1000s of dollars as an event organizer.

Well, I could sell that program as a seven-module course and a client could follow the steps and put together their own summit.

However, the reason I deliver this course as a group coaching program is that I know clients will get stuck. They will have mindset issues or fears and may not be able to move forward.

So I believe coaching should be included in your programs, even if you feel that your content is already impressive.


How to Deliver Effective Coaching in Group Programs

There are several ways that you can add value to your programs and ensure your clients experience the transformation they are aiming for.

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Here are just a few of the effective coaching strategies I have implemented in my own group programs:

1. Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls.

You could do weekly live group coaching calls where group members come together to ask questions, clarify the training material and connect and support each other.

Depending on the group size, you may choose to coach a few clients right on your live calls or focus on an issue or challenge that many people can relate to in the group.

But there’s a caveat. Not everybody will get laser coaching on these calls. After all, you’re running a group coaching program, not a private coaching program.

You might receive complaints from clients through email so you want to emphasize the importance of not tuning out while other people are being coached on their challenges.

Your coaching could very well relate to other clients’ challenges so make sure you tell the group to really listen and pay attention.

Set clear expectations to avoid having clients being disappointed by not having them being coached one on one with you on the live group call.

In the worst case scenario, people will try to drop out from the group and ask you for a refund saying that they’re not getting enough attention in your program after which you’ll invite them to work with you privately one on one and charge them 1000s of dollars more.


2. One-on-one coaching sessions.

You can also include one on one coaching sessions as part of your program. Offering an opportunity to work with you one on one can be a great bonus and they may even decide to work with you privately after the group is over.


3. Office hours.

You can also set up office hours for your clients. For example, you may choose to say that every Monday from 10 am to 12 noon.

Your group members can schedule a one on one laser session, and you would offer them on a first come, first served basis.


4. Journal coaching.

You can also offer journal coaching, which is another way to offer implementation support in the programs where the clients engage with you through journaling.

They will simply post the journal entry, and you give them feedback. This exchange often opens the doors to one-on-one coaching and you get to better understand what’s preventing your clients from succeeding moving forward.

And of course, they can help you make your program even better the next time you deliver it.


How Coaching Genie Makes Journal-Based Coaching Effortless

If you use Coaching Genie to deliver effective group coaching programs, every client gets their own client journal. They can submit their homework assignments, share their wins, journal about their insight and progress or share their challenges. And then you can post your feedback to them.

Other group members can post comments in each other’s journals unless it’s marked private, and that creates a great way for members to interact, connect and support each other between the live coaching calls.


5. Contests

You can also motivate your group members to keep moving forward by running simple contests in your group.

With the right incentives, your clients will be more likely to complete certain tasks. It can be a $25 gift card or a chance to talk about themselves for 15 minutes of spotlight.

You can use contests to motivate clients to watch your modules and complete their homework and ultimately finish the program.

There is a contest feature inside Coaching Genie so you can easily set up one or more contests throughout your program to keep your clients engaged.


Why is coaching critical to the success of your group coaching programs?

So the bottom line is coaching is a critical component of your group coaching programs.

Coaching is the implementation of your content.

Coaching is the main thing that separates information from transformation.

group coaching programs

There are many ways to offer coaching so pick the methods that will most likely align with your style and personality.


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