Should You Pre-record Your Coaching Content?


Are you struggling with ways on how to create coaching content that allows you to expand your business beyond working with one-on-one clients? Don’t worry, pre-recording modules or lessons can be the solution you’re looking for.

In this video, we will explore how pre-recording your coaching content can help you deliver more value to your clients while saving time and scaling your business.

Tune in to discover how to create coaching content and leverage pre-recording to take your coaching program to the next level.


How to Create Coaching Content: Pre-recorded vs Live

When it comes to your group coaching program, should you pre-record or simply deliver it live during your live group calls?

If your goal is to scale your coaching business beyond just where you are today, then this strategy just might be right for you.


Advantages of delivering content live:

Most coaches actually deliver their content to a live group and there are certainly some advantages to that.


More engagement
For example, when you are delivering content to a live audience, whether it’s on Zoom, on the call, on stage, you feel usually more engaged and more tuned into your audience.

And the whole presentation, the whole content delivery is more engaging, right?

And so I even suggest that if you don’t have any recorded content then teach it to a live group first, and then reuse.

Keep reusing the recording so that you only record it once and you only teach it once, and then you just keep using the material over and over again.

Let me tell you why this is such a great idea.


More time to actually coach clients
I used to do a lot of my teaching right on the live coaching calls, and I started noticing that people were really starting to get overwhelmed because it was a 45-minute content and then I left 15 minutes for Q&A and some laser coaching.

And sometimes I would run over 45 minutes and then I would not have any time left to coach people and answer questions.

When you send people a pre-recording of your content or material that they can watch prior to the coaching call, you actually create space to coach people, for them to coach each other if you’re doing a group coaching program.

So it leaves you time to actually do the coaching instead of delivering information.


Leverage your time
Imagine the convenience of not having to repeat the same lesson for each client or group, while also maximizing your valuable time.

Recording your content can come to the rescue, plus you won’t have to worry about being in top form or high on energy each time. It’s a win-win!

I’ve experienced this. I got on a call one time with a group of clients and I had a migraine, and I remember thinking, “Oh my God, I don’t wanna teach. I really wish I didn’t have to do this call, but I couldn’t cancel it.”

Get in the right state of mind, record your content, or maybe record it the first time you’re delivering your program. And it’s done. It’s ready to go anytime, right?


how to create coaching content


The Flipped Classroom
There’s also such a thing as a flipped classroom approach. So if you are in the education field or familiar with the academic setting, they call it flipped classroom or reverse classroom.

Here’s how it works:

  • Send them the teaching material first. The lesson goes out first, and then there is a class where the teacher, instead of teaching the new material, reinforces that material, then answers questions, and helps with examples.
  • So it’s flipped because instead of teaching right in the classroom, the lesson or the material is delivered before the class and the class can be used to actually implement and support the students.


Using the flipped classroom for coaching programs
Try incorporating pre-recorded content into your coaching programs, giving clients the chance to digest, apply, and encounter challenges before joining a coaching call.

This way, clients will be eager to engage, ask questions, and seek feedback, resulting in a more enriching experience for everyone.

Plus, the recorded content can be cleverly repurposed, maximizing its usefulness!


how to create coaching content


Repurposing pre-recorded content
You can use each piece of your content in multiple ways, in multiple programs, as bonus content, or as coaching resources.

You can repurpose it in many different formats for different clients and group programs.

So you only teach something once and now you can use it over and over and over again.

That kind of leveraging of your time and expertise is really helpful when you want to scale your business, and also when you are starting to feel like you’re burnt out from teaching the same material over and over and over again.

I’m sure that you are familiar with the idea of coaching burnout is when you constantly coach or help people on the exact same issues, that’s a great sign that it’s time for you to record your content, your solution, and deliver to people who need it in your coaching business.


Disadvantages of pre-recording content

Now here’s a caveat to recording your coaching content and then repurposing.

If you are recording your content with a live group for the first time, for example, and then you want to repurpose that content, you want to be careful because that’s where your actual clients are. They’re asking questions, they’re sharing things, sometimes maybe very personal things. So you really wanna be mindful as to what people are sharing.

Here’s what I’ve done before and it works really well. I have recorded my 30 to 40 minute training material with a live group, and then I switched to coaching and I would say, “Okay, so let’s see. What kind of questions do you have? Or who can I help?”

And I get into coaching, but then what I do is I trim the coaching portion of my call and I only have the recording of the actual teaching material that I can repurpose.

Repurposing the actual coaching call means you would need their permission, your client’s permission. It violates confidentiality and privacy, and it doesn’t feel ethical at all to me. So you really need consent to use the actual recording or extract those golden nuggets of content and repurpose that. So that’s why you want to record your coaching content instead of teaching it live.



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