6 Tools You Need to Run Your Group Coaching Program


Is there a particular group coaching software that could make it easy to just show up and coach?

What kind of tools do you need to start offering group coaching or mastermind programs?

If you’ve been a little nervous or overwhelmed with the technology you need to run your group programs, this video is for you.



Group Coaching Software: 6 Tools You Need to Run Coaching or Mastermind Group Programs

Having the right tools to run a successful coaching or mastermind program is essential. From video conferencing and engagement, there are 6 base components you need to succeed!

  1. Video conferencing platform – Zoom, Go To Meeting; allows you to record calls
  2. Take payments for your group program – Paypal, Stripe, merchant account, shopping cart
  3. Content management delivery tool – Deliver content to your group members, customize your content based on what your clients need, publish recordings of your group coaching calls, allow people to watch your videos and download your materials
  4. Call scheduling tool – schedule upcoming coaching calls and send reminders to group members to increase show-up rate
  5. Group management tool – to communicate with your clients, to make sure they can communicate with each other, give each other feedback between live group calls, activate or deactivate your group members if they choose to leave your group
  6. Group Engagement tool – run group contests to increase level of implementation, create accountability groups, submit their homework, monitor members’ progress in the program, client journals, weekly check-ins

Running a group coaching or mastermind program doesn’t have to be complicated or require a lot of different software. If you have these 6 things covered, you’ll be off to a great start!

The good news is, we have created a group coaching software that has all these essential tools.


Get started with the software that was built just for you!

After creating and delivering over 100 coaching programs, I decided to build a tool that makes it easy. It’s called Coaching Genie and it offers 4 out of these 5 tools (because you still need Zoom or another conferencing tool to run your calls) and so that’s something that is a huge part of your coaching business.

So if you’re ready to start offering group programs but feeling a little overwhelmed or intimidated by the technology out there, you’ll LOVE Coaching Genie!

Watch the FREE demo and discover how easy it it can be the only group coaching software you need for delivering your coaching content, programs, and courses.



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