12 Factors That Influence Your Coaching Program’s Success


Are you looking to start a coaching program, but aren’t sure what factors will determine its success? Thinking about effective coaching strategies to implement in order to become the best coach you can be for your clients? You’re definitely not alone.

While there is no fool-proof blueprint for creating a winning coaching program, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of achieving success.

In this video, we’ll outline 12 of the most important factors to consider when creating or improving your coaching program. Keep these in mind as you build your program and you’re sure to see positive results!

You will learn:

  • Why having a unique message makes marketing so much easier
  • The one thing you need to have to easily reach your target audience
  • The question you need to ask before presenting your solution
  • How to ensure marketing your program feels more authentic
  • What is possibly blocking the success of your program
  • How much time you need to spend explaining your program
  • How to create content that sells your program
  • What makes joint venture partners want to promote your program to their audience
  • How to really monetize your expertise


Effective Coaching Strategies: 12 Factors That Influence Success

We’ll explore 12 key factors that can impact your coaching program’s success.

By understanding these factors and putting them into practice, you can create a coaching program that is more successful for both you and your clients.

So here’s how to deliver effective coaching programs:

1. Has an exciting “Unique Big Idea” that makes it stand out.

Your program is more likely to be successful if it has an exciting and unique big idea, a really unique message that will make it stand out.

There are many products and programs out there on your topic so having a unique, big idea, or some people call it a hook, will make it much easier to market because you have to talk about something to discuss.

A big idea is usually a conversation point. Essentially it’s a unique message behind your program, and that makes your coaching program a whole lot easier to market.


2. Has a clear niche focus with an easy to reach target audience.

It should have a clear niche focus with an easy to reach target audience.

If you can picture your ideal customer for this program, and you know exactly where he or she spends their time, then you have a clear niche focus.

Because then you can really speak to them, and you can market to them.

The more specific your niche focus is, the easier it will be to have your program become successful.

So this really is one of the most important and effective coaching strategies, and it starts with being clear about what you do and who you serve.


3. Solves a big problem that people are already searching to solve.

There’s a really great question you need to ask yourself before deciding how to deliver your coaching program.

Does your program solve a big problem that people are already searching to solve?

This is true, especially in the coaching industry where we want to teach or to coach people or to help them with something.

But we have never asked ourselves, “Do people want that problem to be solved or is it not a priority for them?”

And then it becomes really difficult to market, right?

So it takes too long to educate people about a problem that they’re not fully aware of.

This is kind of like a mental checklist.

Does your program match these criteria? Are these factors present in your coaching program?


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4. Supports your Biggest Stand or Belief.

Does your program support your biggest belief or your biggest stand?

In other words, it’s congruent with your own story, with your own beliefs, your own experience, and your own values, because then your marketing will feel very authentic and natural. It will just be easy.

Your marketing will be very organic because you’re simply telling your story or talking about your experience.

So does your program support your beliefs or your biggest stand so that it’s easier for you to talk about why you created your program?

Every time I talk about Coaching Genie, I tell a story of how I created it, and why I created it.

Coaching Genie is software. It’s not a program, but it’s still a product.

And I have a very authentic story because, I wanted to deliver a coaching program that I delivered six months ago, and I felt like I was starting from scratch and I was tired of starting from scratch for every one of my coaching programs.

So I wished for a magic button that I could just click and my program would be magically ready to deliver again.

That’s how Coaching Genie was created.

Do you have a story like that?

Is there a stand that you believe in, that you’re taking and that’s why you created your program?

Being authentic is one of the most important characteristics of a great coach. So when you think of effective coaching strategies to implement as you work with clients, start by examining your own values and beliefs.


5. Makes you super excited to present and deliver it.

Does your program make you excited to actually deliver it?

You believe in what you teach and so much that you can’t wait to share it with others.

So it’s just a level of excitement for you, because if you’re not, it’s also going to be harder to sell.

It may be something that people need and want and the problem you want to solve, but if you are not internally excited about teaching it or delivering it or running the program, there’s always going to be some kind of internal block.

And you may not even realize that’s what’s blocking the success of your program.


6. Positions you as the go-to expert in your niche.

Does the program position you as the go-to expert in your niche? The reason it’s important is that every program you put out there needs to be a specific topic or niche that you want to be associated with.

So it would be very strange for me to suddenly start teaching Facebook ads.

Personally, I don’t like Facebook ads. I don’t understand them. I spend so much time and money on trying to make them work and I don’t want my name to be associated with Facebook ads.


7. Easy to explain to ideal clients and to referral partners.

In other words, will people quickly understand the purpose of your program?

I had this conversation with somebody and she was trying to explain her program and she was talking for 10 minutes.

I still didn’t get it and I started to go into self-blame mode and thought:

“Oh maybe I’m just not smart enough to understand what she’s saying”, or I can’t focus enough to really grasp the topic for 10 minutes.

I could not understand what she was an expert on.

And so you never want to be in that situation.

You want your program to be easily and quickly understood within seconds.

I would say 30 seconds is like the most that you want to spend explaining your program.

So is it easy to explain to ideal clients and to referral partners and maybe joint venture partners what the purpose of your program is?

The key to your program’s success is clarity.

The easier it is to explain, the more successful your program will be, because then your marketing will be very clear.

So explain it to a few people who have never heard of your program and see their reaction. If you kind of see them a little bit puzzled, chances are you need a clearer message.


8. Easy to create content that sells around it.

Before thinking about how to deliver your coaching program, ask yourself:

Is it easy to create marketing content around your program?

So you should be able to write emails, blog posts, give interviews, create videos, and not feel like you’re given away too much of the actual program.

This can be a little tricky. You’re probably feeling that way and say:

“Oh my, if I have to create all this content, chances are people won’t buy my program. I’ll just give everything away.”

So can you teach? Can you share? Can you talk about your program?

Can you create content without giving away the farm, without giving away the actual program?

Will people still need your program?

As an example, I’m going to use my program called “Get Your Coaching Program Done” and how I market it.

  • I talk about the importance of having a coaching program.
  • I talk about the challenges that are in the way of creating a coaching program.
  • I talk about the transformation that is going to happen when you have a coaching program.
  • I give examples.

You’ll notice that I never actually teach the program itself when creating marketing content.

So ask yourself, can you create content around your program that doesn’t actually teach or give away the program?


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9. Fits your business model.

Does your coaching program fit your business model?

It must feel like it’s part of your business and your product line, so it’s not a standalone program.

What I mean by that is, do you have another opportunity for clients to work with you after?

For example if you have an 8-week coaching program, what do you want people to do next?

Do you want them to enroll in your high ticket year-long program or do you have a virtual retreat? It can be a three-day virtual retreat where you invite people into your coaching program.

Is it a part of your overall product sequence or product offerings?


10. Gets potential promotional partners excited to share it.

This has always been a big one for me because I use a lot of joint venture partnerships to promote my programs.

But when I think of marketing my program, or if I think about creating a new program, I always ask myself, “Will my JV partners be excited to promote or share it?”

So if joint ventures are part of your marketing strategy, it is important that your potential partners can share it with their audience and actually make money with it.

I remember when I first created my Simplicity program, my joint venture partner said, “I’ll promote it but only because it’s you, Milana.”

So they weren’t very excited because they didn’t really understand what my Simplicity program was all about and so I needed a new name.

But the idea is that if you’re using referral partners or joint venture partners, you want to imagine sharing the name or sharing the focus of your program with your potential partners and see how they’re going to react.

Will they be excited to share it?

JV partners are excited to share it when they believe in it, and when they believe they can make money with it.

Unless you have some super altruistic referral partners who will just share it without worrying about commissions. That happens too.

They simply believe in you. They believe in your message and they believe in your process so they just want to share it with their audience.


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11. Can be easily expanded with an upsell or downsell.

This opens your market when you can offer your program in multiple ways at different price points.

  • Can your program be offered as a course?
  • Can your program be offered as a retreat?
  • Can your program have a natural upsell?

For example, with my program called “Get Your Coaching Program Done,” I knew there will always be people who go through the program and still need more support.

As a result, I created a way to support people in creating their programs for them.

So ask yourself, can your program be expanded or used in any other way for you to really monetize your expertise?


12. Has a great income and impact potential in your business.

Can it be easily turned into a group program? When you are ready, you can offer your one-on-one coaching program as a group program.

Since you created a coaching program for one-on-one clients, can you offer it to a group?

Can your program naturally create a community around it? Are there conversations around it?

This is not only great for marketing purposes, but for delivering the program as well.


These factors will help ensure that your program is appealing and attractive to your target audience, and positioned for success.

Keep them in mind as you work on developing your coaching program – they just might be the key to taking it from good to great!


Create a High-value Coaching Experience

Getting rid of needless complexity can make your coaching clients love working with you even more.

If not set up properly, coaching programs can take a lot of time and actually burn you out. That’s why it’s important to have a system that allows you to organize everything you need, in a simple way.

No matter how you coach, Coaching Genie will let you do it with less hassle for you and your clients.

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