6 Reasons to Create Your Own Coaching Program


I’ve been delivering hundreds of programs for more than 20 years, and I found that one of the easiest and fastest ways to attract your ideal clients and scale your coaching business is by creating your own coaching program.

In this video, I’ll share the 6 biggest reasons why having your own program just might be the right move for you.


What is a Coaching Program?

With so many coaches in the world today, how do you REALLY get clients?

A coaching program is NOT just a package of sessions, or a course, or a bunch of videos. It is a structured training that includes implementation support (and a few other secret ingredients!) And it’s much EASIER to create than a course!

create your own coaching program


Create Your Own Coaching Program: 6 Biggest Reasons

Here are the 6 big reasons you MUST have your own coaching program if you want to get more clients and scale your coaching business:

1. You’re seen as an expert in your field (most coaches and experts don’t have their own programs, so they’re not positioned to stand out or be known for something unique in their niche)

2. You can use your program to attract high-end clients (once they go through your program, it’s much easier to upsell 1-on-1 coaching)

3. It’s a lot easier to sell a coaching program than just coaching (coaching is very vague, while a program allows you to “package” your expertise, create your system, and communicate your secret sauce… making it easier to present it to potential clients)

4. You have a proven, repeatable process that gets your clients consistent results (it’s much easier to coach clients through a system of steps than just doing “open-ended” coaching)

5. It allows you to scale your business and create more money in less time (you can’t really start scaling without having your own “coaching system” first)

6. You can easily joint venture with other coaches and business owners (most coaches can’t JV because they don’t have a program, so it’s more difficult for others to promote them or refer clients to them)

create your own coaching program


As you can see, having your own coaching program changes EVERYTHING, and you can easily use CoachingGenie.com to set up and deliver your program.




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