How to Create Content for Your Coaching Program


As a coach, you might find it overwhelming to create content for your coaching program. 

How do you plan teaching points and decide what goes into each module so you can help clients overcome obstacles and implement? 

In this week’s video, I’ll share my proven methods so you can easily create your coaching content depending on your teaching style.

You’ll also learn:

  • What type of information your clients are looking for
  • How I developed a system for coaches to make it easy
  • 3 tried and tested content creation strategies for coaches
  • How I approach creating coaching content for a new launch
  • A quick and easy way to set up a new coaching program 
  • What to do when you get stuck
  • How to 5x the value of your programs

When clients enroll in a coaching program, one of the things they expect is to learn something. But they want to do it in a way that’s simple. 


So what type of information does your coaching content need to include?  

create content for your coaching program

Anyone can find free information online, so it’s not really about the information itself. 

It’s about a well-organized system of steps or teaching points that will make it easy for them to get started and implement. 

Clients want your guidance. They want your opinion based on your own experience, and they are willing to pay for it. They also want a proven process that they can implement to get results. They want you to be a human Google! 



How I developed a system for coaches to make it easy

My name is Milana Leshinsky and I’ve been running group coaching programs for over two decades. 

I learned a lot about what clients want, how they get results, and what stops coaches from offering group coaching programs.

So after creating and delivering over 100 coaching programs, I decided to build a tool that makes it easy. And that’s how Coaching Genie was created. 

Coaching Genie simplifies the whole group coaching experience and makes your programs a lot more valuable! To learn more, go to CoachingGenie.com 


Here are three content creation methods for your coaching program

Depending on your teaching style, there are different ways that you can create content for your coaching program. Here are my 3 tried and tested content creation strategies for coaches.

1. Pre-created: The first method is called “pre-created”, where you pre-record videos or audios before your program starts. 

I personally enjoy creating slides, then I record myself as I narrate and expand on each slide. Scripting each slide or each training module takes a lot longer and “awakens” the perfectionist in many people, but you can certainly script it out if you have to get it “just right!”

2. On the go: The second method I call on the go, where you teach your content with a live group of people and then you turn your recordings into training modules. 

I personally find this to be the easiest way to create content because you get instant feedback from the group and their questions help you make your content more useful and relevant. You need to have an outline (or even slides) for each training, but once you have it – it’s just a matter of sharing what you know on each topic.

I call it the lazy method! Because you may feel too lazy to create your content before you get paying clients, but once you sell your program, you have no choice – you HAVE to create your content! And you will create it by the end of the program!

3. Hybrid: You prepare some content before the program starts, then expand on it on live coaching calls.

content creation strategies for coaches


How I approach creating coaching content for a new launch

how to create coaching content

When I run my program for the first time, I usually start with the “on the go” content creation method, where I teach the basic version of my material live, and get some feedback. 

Then the next time I run the program, I simply turn my recordings into training modules and use the live coaching calls to answer questions and do “laser coaching” to help my clients overcome obstacles and implement. 





A quick and easy way to set up a new coaching program 

Setting up a new coaching program doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a process that I follow that works really well for me.

1. Set up your program structure. When I create a new coaching program, I start by setting up a program structure inside Coaching Genie

create content for your coaching program

2. I name each module and create a space holder for the content for when I am ready to deliver it to a live group. 

3. And then I sell the program. 

4. Add content on the go. When the program actually starts, I simply add my content “on the go”. I add a video and a worksheet right into the module and release a new module to the group every week. That way I don’t have to create 100% of my content before I get paying clients, and this method has worked really well for me. 

Selling your program before you build it sounds scary, but it’s not. It can be motivating and allow you to create your program one week at a time, knowing that you already have people who want it. So you’re essentially building the content as you go.

Regardless of what method you choose to create content for your coaching program, your content needs to have a structure – action steps, mindsets, principles, teaching points, or building blocks that form your process for achieving the result your clients want.


But what if you get stuck when trying to create content for your coaching program?

create content for your coaching program

Not everyone likes to create content, it might even feel heavy or time-consuming.

So what I invite you to do is to start by looking through your existing content. Maybe you have a course, a book, or a workshop that you did, and you can turn it into a coaching program. 

You can also purchase PLR content (“private label rights” that is usually a bit generic) and put your own spin on it.  

Content is just one part of a coaching program, because you’ll also be coaching your clients as well as offering access to the group and their wisdom. But it’s definitely an important component of a coaching program because it’s the most tangible one and it allows you to achieve leverage in your business, so you don’t have to keep teaching the same material over and over again.

And if you use Coaching Genie, all of this can be easily set up and automated.  All you need to do is load your content in each module as you develop it. Your content might consist of videos, audios, PDF documents, checklists, worksheets or workbooks, self-assessments, scripts, and templates – depending on the nature of your topic.

Once your program begins, Coaching Genie automatically delivers your content to your clients, and allows them to share their insights, submit homework, and collaborate with other group members. 


Ready to 5x the value of your coaching programs?

If you’re not using Coaching Genie yet, go to CoachingGenie.com to see how it can supercharge your coaching programs! 

It’s very easy to use, you can set up your first group in just a few minutes, and it will become your go-to platform for delivering your coaching content, programs, and courses! 

So if you’re ready to WOW your clients with an amazing group coaching experience, go to CoachingGenie.com and check out the free demo.




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