20 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Coaching Program – Part 2


Successful coaching programs don’t just happen – you must strategically decide how to structure, name, and market your program. Knowing what questions you should ask yourself before creating it can help make the coaching program planning process smoother.

In part 2 of this series, we’ll cover 10 additional critical questions coaches should consider when building out their programs.

No matter where you are in your journey as a coach, this video will provide helpful tips and guidance so that your coaching program is set up for success.


Coaching Program Planning: 10 Critical Questions

It can be incredibly rewarding to help clients achieve their goals and dreams, but it requires proper coaching program planning when designing your program to get the desired outcome.

We will share 10 more essential questions to ask yourself before creating your own coaching program that will help ensure its success. If you haven’t watched the first part, you can watch it here.

11. What will be the biggest promise of your program?

You want to be very specific and you want to be very aware of what it is that you are promising to your clients that they will be able to achieve or what they will be able to solve.

What will they be able to accomplish? Because they are also asking the same question before making the purchase.


12. How much do you want to charge for it?

When it comes to coaching program planning, one of the key considerations for coaches is determining the pricing.

Do you know what that amount looks like to you right now? Because there’s a huge difference between a program that you sell for $297 and a $5000 coaching program.

Answering this question really will allow you to understand and clarify the scope of your program, the depth, the detail, the length of the program, and so many other things. So what is the price point?


13. What must your target customers believe before they are ready to invest in your coaching program?

What must they believe before they are ready to invest? So answering this question will allow you to understand the beliefs that you want to encourage.

It’s a certain mind shift that will have to happen for your clients before they will say, “Oh, I need this coaching program.”

So what must they believe before they’re ready to invest in your coaching program?

Allow me to provide you with an example of my approach to coaching program planning.

I have a program on how to do virtual summits and before anybody will buy that program from me, they need to believe that running virtual summits is a great strategy for their business.

So I need to clarify and explain and motivate and encourage people about virtual summits so that they will see the value in my program. So what must your clients believe before they’re ready to invest in your program?


14. Who do you know that is already reaching this target audience?

Who do you know that is already talking to your ideal clients, selling to them in communication with them on a regular basis?

Because if you can’t answer that question, there is a chance that it’s going to be very difficult to market because you won’t know where to go to actually introduce or talk your program up.


15. Is this program going to be relevant in three years?

I remember I created a little coaching program many years ago, and by the time I created it, the topic was obsolete.

And the reason for that is because it was based around technology. Technology goes out and new technology comes in constant turnover.

So are you creating something that will last? And especially with a coaching program, you don’t want to create something that will become obsolete in a couple of years.

So keep this in mind when you’re doing your coaching program planning.


16. How will you get the word out about your new program?

In other words, how will you market it? How will you promote it? What will you do?

Where will you go? Do you have this vision in your mind?

What needs to be done to reach people that are perfect for your program and actually market it to them?

Sometimes we create coaching programs just because we want to create something and that’s great. But if you are building a business, you want to think about these things. How will you get it out there?


17. What ideas, stories, and teaching points can you share to build up the desire for your coaching program?

This is a very important question because it’ll help you be a great marketer and really get your program out there, not by pushing, not by being salesy, but by telling your stories.

Because you’re going to be writing maybe in a newsletter, speaking from stage or giving a webinar and maybe being interviewed on a podcast.

So what ideas, stories, or teaching points can you share to build the desire for your program?


18. What is the best format for delivering your program?

During the coaching program planning process, it’s crucial to determine the ideal format.

Will it be a live group coaching program, a membership, a course, or a VIP day?

Choosing the right format not only affects the participant experience but also affects the program’s price point.


19. Where’s the content for your program going to come from and how will it be created?

Think about where the content is going to come from? Do you need to create it from scratch?

Do you already have some content that you can repurpose? So that you don’t have to really stare at the blank screen as you’re starting out.


20. Do you really need to create this coaching program or does it make more sense to refresh and relaunch one of your previous successful programs?

Sometimes we’ll create things again because we want to without giving any thought to its potential. So do you really need to create this program?

Creating a new program can be time consuming.

Does it make more sense for you to refresh one of your previously created programs that you experienced success with?

So these are the 20 questions that you want to ask yourself as part of your coaching program planning.

Now you know how important it is to think strategically when designing your coaching program – it can make the difference between success and failure.

The key to creating a successful coaching program lies in asking the right questions and making sure those questions are answered accurately before you start the process of designing it.


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