Can Online Courses Replace Coaching?


Can online courses replace coaching? If everyone is creating courses, who’s going to be doing 1-on-1 coaching? That’s the question I’d like to tackle today!

In this video, I want to dig into the debate of online courses vs coaching and explore how these two elements can come together in a powerful way.

Here’s what I’ll share with you in today’s video:

  • The purpose and benefits of creating courses and group coaching programs
  • How courses and coaching can coexist harmoniously to enhance your business
  • The importance of providing options for clients and leveraging your expertise

Online Courses vs Coaching: Can Courses Replace Coaching?

I recently received a question from one of my subscribers, and this is what the question said:

“E-zines, CDs, teleclasses eBooks, group coaching calls, books, and more books on the same topics. Who has the time to buy and read all this stuff and how many books on the same topic does our world really need? Are we writing books just to say: I have a book, interview me on the radio.

We all want to expand, but there is no escaping the essence of one-on-one coaching that can change a person’s life and make a difference.

Is that not the reason that most of us came to coaching in the first place?”

So the question is really, “Can products and online courses replace coaching?”

As we’re all striving to create more products and courses and tools, who is gonna be doing all the one-on-one coaching and is there still a place for that?

This is a great question that came from a subscriber, and I will be honest with you, I had similar concerns a few years ago.

What I discovered on my journey to building a coaching business is that creating a course does not mean that you have to stop coaching clients personally.


What is the purpose of creating courses and coaching programs?

There are three main objectives in developing courses and group coaching programs:

  • To create credibility on a certain subject
  • Leveraging yourself by creating different ways of getting the benefit of your expertise.
  • Growing a company that doesn’t rely on your presence to generate income.

In other words, you don’t have to stop coaching and start creating courses for the sake of leveraging or scaling your business. I am simply suggesting that.

Capturing your coaching process or your expertise into a course or a product, allows you to offer it to people who can’t afford coaching. Maybe they are not ready to hire a coach or don’t fit your ideal client profile.

So it gives you a choice in your business and it gives your customers a choice of who they want to work with.

The need for individual coaching will never disappear. But from a business-building perspective, creating products and courses gives you freedom and gives you customers a choice.

And it also gives you a choice on how you want to support clients and create income. So that’s really the conversation between courses and coaching.

Coaching will never go away because there will always be people who would like to work with you one-on-one who want that higher premium level of support. And then there will always be people who would rather buy a book and that’s a reality.


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