6 Strategies to 5X the Value of Your Coaching Program


“What can I add to my coaching program to make it SO incredibly valuable that clients will be happy to pay more for it?”

That’s the question many coaches ask, and I think I have the solution.

Most coaching programs look like a series of weekly coaching sessions or group calls. And that’s great, because your clients want access to you, your expertise, and your feedback.

But what if you could also have other ways to add value to your program?

I discovered 6 strategies to 5X the value of your coaching program, and you can add any of these to your program depending on your coaching style, group size, and topic.

Here they are:

  1. Assessments
  2. Weekly prep forms
  3. Journaling
  4. Group forum
  5. Group contests
  6. Accountability groups

* Assessments (or self-assessments) – especially when given at the beginning and at the end of the program – allow your clients to connect to their biggest goals and dreams, then see their transformation in a very tangible way.

Weekly prep forms – give your clients an opportunity to report their wins, challenges, and insights, and be ready for the live calls every week.

Journaling – works well when your program has to do with gradual changes and growth, and is especially valuable when you invite clients to submit their homework assignments and keep track of their progress.

Group forum – a space to continue conversations after your coaching calls, so clients don’t feel left to their own devices between calls and can still get the feedback and ideas they need (without the busyness of a social media platform).

Group contests – a friendly competition to motivate your clients to take bigger actions, implement, and complete the program successfully knowing there will be a small (or big) reward for those who participate and engage more.

Accountability groups – a must-have in any group program, no matter the size, to make sure your clients can get feedback from other group members, as well as stay connected to the group between the calls.

Can you see that just by adding these items to your coaching program it becomes more valuable, effective, and fun?

And can you also see how you can immediately charge more for your program as a result?

It’s not longer just a “weekly coaching call”.

I discovered these strategies years ago, and have been trying to figure out how to easily include them in my program.

That’s why, when I created the Coaching Genie group coaching platform, I knew I had to add these features.

All 6 are now part of the platform.

Earlier this week, I recorded a short video with a sneak peak into every one of these features, and you can watch it below:

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