Systems Will Set You Free


I’ve heard many times throughout my career in the coaching industry that “systems aren’t sexy.”

In fact, if there’s a workshop on setting up business systems and another one on getting more clients, the latter one will always get more sign-ups.

Who cares about the boring systems, when you can talk about creating more revenue, right?

Well, what I discovered over the years is that having systems actually allows you to experience freedom from working all the time. Freedom from doing things over and over again. Freedom from doing things you don’t enjoy, because you can delegate them.

Systems will truly set you free.

As of today, I have systems for things like creating content, delivering programs, marketing my business, publishing this newsletter, customer service (for Coaching Genie), and pretty much every aspect of my business.

Any areas where I don’t have a system – I find myself working harder than I want to be, and that’s something for me to improve upon.

What systems do you need to set up to feel more free in your business?



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