3 Biggest Myths About Creating a Scalable Coaching Business


When you think of building a scalable coaching business, it might feel a little overwhelming or intimidating. You’re not alone.

In this blog post, I’m going to dispel three of the most common myths about creating a scalable coaching business.

By understanding these myths and busting them, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful business that can grow with you. So let’s get started!

scalable coaching business


Scalable Coaching Business: What does it mean?

You’re just one coach and maybe you’re not trying to create a big company, and you most definitely don’t want your business to negatively impact your lifestyle.

So I would love to shift your understanding of what a scalable coaching business means.

To do that let me share the 3 biggest myths about creating a scalable coaching business.


Myth #1: Scaling a Coaching Business is for “Experienced Coaches”

Scaling a coaching business is for “Experienced Coaches”. That it’s just for those who’ve been in business for years and now want to start scaling.

Scalable is actually a mindset, so even a new coach can have the desire and the mindset to create a scalable business.

They’re asking themselves these questions from day one:

“How do I set up my business so I can grow my coaching income but not max out my calendar?”

“And how can I leverage myself, my time, and my expertise in a way that doesn’t limit my income?”


Myth #2: Scaling Leads to an Impersonal Business

As your business starts growing, you might not feel as connected to your clients and you’re worried that your coaching might lack the intimacy that you feel with your clients right now.

You can continue to maintain connection and intimacy with your clients when you have a great communication system and the ability to personalize your coaching.


scalable coaching business


Myth #3: Scaling Means Building a Big Business

Creating a scalable coaching business does not mean building a big business.

It simply means setting your business up to serve more clients in less time, while delivering great results.

Many people think that scaling will add more work to their already busy schedule. But actually, scaling comes from doing less.

Anything you add to your business should ultimately reduce the amount of work or time investment you’ll have to make in the future.

It’s all about the leverage – leveraging your time, expertise, and resources.

Building a scalable coaching business can help you serve more clients in less time while still delivering amazing results.


scalable coaching business


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