Numbers tell the truth, even if you don’t like them


It might sound strange for a successful business woman of 23+ years, but I have never been good with numbers.

  • How many people are coming to your website?
  • How many people opened your email?
  • How many clicks do you get?
  • How many sign-ups?
  • How many clients purchase your program 30 days after a webinar?
  • How many people unsubscribe?

These are the questions my nightmares are made of!

It’s like a black hole, right?

But today, for the first time in a while, I am reminded WHY it’s important to know my numbers.

I needed to make a decision on whether to stop or continue using a marketing strategy I’ve been using in my business. It takes so much time and money, I really wanted to just be done with it.

But then I looked at the numbers.

The answer was clear and obvious – keep doing it.

  • So what numbers are vital for you to know to continue making good business and marketing decisions?
  • Where are you spending time and money, but don’t know if it’s worth it?
  • You may not love the numbers (few coaches do), but using them as a decision-making tool makes sense, right?


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