How to Turn Your Coaching Services into Products


Coaching is very intangible and that’s what makes it difficult to sell. If you treat coaching like a product, you’ll get a lot more clients. Why is that and what does it mean?

A product is much easier to sell than a service, and here is why.

  • A product is much more tangible: people know exactly what they are getting.
  • A product has specific benefits and outcomes, which are a lot easier to explain to a prospect. A service is more like a concept.
  • When you sell a service you are selling something that doesn’t exist yet. You can’t try out the service before you buy it. You pay for it and then you get it.

Here are seven key strategies to help you on how to turn your coaching services into products and attract more clients!


1. Create a coaching program. Give it a name, schedule the dates you’ll be holding it.

2. Include tangible items clients will receive when they enroll into your program: courses, books, coaching tools, or any other “grounding materials” they can use.

3. Show as many testimonials about the value you bring as possible. Ideally, each testimonial should focus on a specific result your client received.

4. Offer educational products and courses on your website, which makes prospects more confident about the value you can bring to them. And, even if they do not invest with you personally, they might start by buying your products.

5. Use a graphic to represent your program, perhaps including images of audios, videos, logo, special reports, a logo, or a combination of different media.

6. Create a client portal! That’s the ultimate way to package your coaching, because clients instantly see the value of your program in one place.

That’s exactly what Coaching Genie does for you – puts your coaching into a nice little client portal, where your clients can access everything you offer – the teaching content, your call schedule, client journals, weekly progress forms, coaching call recordings, and a way to post their homework and connect with other members if you’re running a group program.

7. A sales page that summarizes everything your coaching offer includes, so they can clearly do it all in one place.

I hope these ideas inspire you to start thinking about how to turn your coaching services into products. It’s not just about selling; it’s about transforming the way clients perceive and engage with your coaching services.


Streamlining Coaching Services into Marketable Products

As a coach, transforming your services into products can be a game changer, and that’s exactly where Coaching Genie comes in.

Our platform is tailored to help you effortlessly package and deliver your coaching programs, aligning perfectly with the concept of productizing your services. With Coaching Genie, personalizing content for each client becomes simple, whether in group settings or one-on-one.

It provides a professional client portal where your clients can access resources, track progress, and stay engaged.

If you’re exploring how to turn your coaching services into products, see Coaching Genie in action. Watch our free demo to see how it can streamline and elevate your coaching business.

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