How Getting Fired Gave Me Back My Life


When I was 26 years old, I got fired. Well, released from an internship with a few harsh words.

My boss told me, “Milana, I can trust you with my house, with my family, with my kids… but you’re not a computer programmer.”

I drove home crying, feeling like a failure. I had just gotten my degree in Computer Information Systems and got fired from my first job.

As I look back at this time, I experience a feeling of deep gratitude towards my former boss.

How much misery had he saved me from?

How much joy would I have missed had he kept me?

How many people wouldn’t have been impacted by my work and the tools I’ve built since then?

And how many people would I have missed supporting, inspiring, co-creating with, had I continued to struggle my way through computer programming?

Feeling grateful today and always for what this experience has taught me…

If you’re going through something challenging right now, there’s something else wonderful on the other side of it.

Some would say, it’s meant to be.



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