From Teaching Music to Coaching Groups


When I was growing up in Ukraine, my dream was to become a music teacher.

My whole childhood was dedicated to making sure I would be accepted into the Kiev Institute of Music. And that’s exactly what I did. I became a music teacher majoring in theory and history of music, ready to teach groups of kids in special after-school programs.

But when I came to the US, after I realized that the music education system was very different here, I made a painful decision to give up my dream career and become a computer programmer.

Years later, when I discovered group coaching, my heart was celebrating because I could work with groups again. I could share my knowledge, facilitate discussions, and watch people’s eyes light up as they discovered new ideas and experienced breakthroughs.

Group coaching is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced in my business and that’s why I am so passionate about it.

And as it turned out, computer programming wasn’t for me.

But spending years in college learning to code and work with computers gave me the understanding I needed to create Coaching Genie – a simple tool that makes it easy to step into group coaching.

What do YOU love about group coaching?

And if you are not there yet, what’s stopping you from creating a group program?



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