Coaching Software Simplified: 4 Types of Software Coaches Use


Are you feeling confused about which software to use for your coaching business?

I totally get it…Some people think I am super technical because I created Coaching Genie, but I am actually just as frustrated by technology as most business owners!

That’s why my software is so easy to use – I have no patience for complexity!

Tech and tools leave many people scratching their heads, so let me try to simplify it.



Below are the 4 types of software coaches use and the reasons to use them:

  1. The one that runs the back end of the business (invoicing, scheduling, practice management, etc.). You may need this software if you want to streamline your billing workflow and client management processes, and help make your coaching practice more efficient.
  2. The one that runs your marketing (CRM, funnels, list management, shopping cart, affiliate program, etc.). You may need this software if you want to start growing your email list, run online promotions, and track referrals.
  3. The one that delivers content to clients (course builders, membership platforms, etc.). You may need this software if you plan to create training content, courses, coaching programs, tools, and resources.
  4. The one that delivers a client experience (client portal, accountability, motivation, feedback, and support). You may need this software when you want to automate client onboarding, increase the value of your coaching programs, and deliver a great coaching experience.

Do you need to use all four types of software?

Some coaches do.

Some coaches don’t use any (although this means they are very inefficient and can’t grow their business).

But it really depends on your business model and what you want to achieve.

For example, I don’t use practice management software (#1 above) because I don’t have a traditional coaching practice with private clients. 

I offer coaching programs and create content, and do a lot of marketing online. 

So I have #2 to take payments, grow my list, and track referrals, and #3 and #4 to deliver my coaching programs and content.

In fact, Coaching Genie does both, #3 and #4 – it delivers content and courses, and it also allows me to delight my clients with a great coaching experience and create highly valuable programs!

Coaching Genie has everything you need to automatically onboard new clients, then offer accountability, motivation, feedback, and support to your clients, and community.

It even allows you to take payments.

So there you have it – 4 types of software and you decide what you need. You can also check out how Coaching Genie compares to other platforms.

And if you haven’t tried Coaching Genie yet, I would love for you to experience its simplicity and “magic”. Many of our customers even use it with their 1-on-1 clients to deliver coaching resources, track client progress, and capture any insights and breakthroughs.

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