Your Coaching Clients Will Never Let You Go If


When I first hired my coach, I couldn’t afford him. His monthly fee was higher than my mortgage at the time and I couldn’t even tell my husband about it. But I had a plan.

I really liked the ideas he shared with me about my business. I kept recording our sessions and taking notes every time we talked. My secret plan was to “pick” his brain for a couple of months then let him go.

3 years later, he was still my coach. How did this happen?

Why didn’t I stick to my original plan of letting him go after “squeezing” all ideas out of him?


So how did I end up keeping my coach beyond the initial few months? I actually stayed with him for 2 years, and there were 3 things that kept me coming back:

1. He always had an exciting vision for me, the next step for me to grow and improve. I never felt like our relationship stagnated or that there was nothing else he can offer me. He always saw the big picture of where I could go, and that was really exciting to me.

2. He had a deep industry knowledge and experience, which made him indispensable to me. When I worked with other coaches (who were business generalists) I always felt like I needed to educate them about what I was doing. My coach was a true mentor. He knew the industry really well and was much more valuable to me because of that.

3. He truly cared about my success and went beyond the traditional 3-4 calls a month. He created opportunities and experiences for me that allowed me to grow and stretch. He always found resources that helped me accelerate my success.

Take a look at your current client relationships…

  • Can you add more opportunities for your clients to experience growth?
  • Have you thought about where your clients are going beyond their current projects and mindset?
  • What would the “ultimate client experience” look like for you?

Not only will your clients love you and stay with you for a long time, but they will also be willing to pay you more. I paid my coach at least 3 times more than any average coach I saw at the time, because he was not just my coach – he was my vehicle to success.

I will also add that he gave me the seed of the idea for Coaching Genie 15 years ago, but I just wasn’t ready for a software business back then. It took years for this idea to really mature and I finally saw the brilliance of it!


Transform Your Coaching Business with Coaching Genie

Retaining clients is as crucial as attracting new ones. This is where Coaching Genie steps in, making the implementation of client retention strategies magically simple.

Coaching Genie is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer for coaches seeking to scale their business while providing a personalized, high-value client experience.

Every client is unique, and so is every coach. That’s why Coaching Genie offers the flexibility to create diverse programs tailored to individual needs – from group coaching and mastermind groups to custom 1-on-1 programs.

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