Are you making an impact and do you want to know?


Last month, a woman who’s been doing my nails for many years passed away.

Very often, nail technicians are from other countries and don’t speak much English. So they rarely have close relationships with their clients.

But I’ve been seeing Lillian twice a month for ten years, and we built a nice connection – probably, because we were both immigrants and could relate to each other’s stories.

She was my age and it happened very suddenly, so I was truly in shock.

When I went to her business Facebook page, I saw many of her friends and clients express condolences to her family. Their messages included how she impacted them and how much they’re going to miss seeing her smiling face when they enter the salon.

I scrolled past these messages to see if there was any other communication between Lillian and her clients.

All I saw was the nail art she posted.

And not a single comment.

Her passing created the first ever opportunity for a conversation on her page. And it was the first time her clients publicly expressed appreciation for her personality and services.

I truly wish that Lillian could see all the messages of love and gratitude people shared about her.

This made me think…

Do we really know how we impact people?

If you’re a coach, author, speaker, healer, or another service provider – you probably impacted 100s of people without truly realizing it.

I run into people sometimes who tell me how I’ve changed their lives, but those are few in between. I think people need a reason to share how you impacted them. They need some sort of trigger or an outlet.

So with your permission, I’d love to ask you to share if I impacted you in any way.

If anything I shared, created, taught, or did inspired you to make a change in your business or life – please share with me.


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