A Better Way to Teach


I recently learned something cool from Dan Martell.

He coaches software companies and his thinking is super systems-driven, so I always pay attention to his methods.

Maybe you’re already doing this or maybe this is a new way for you to think.

When you teach your material, you want people to…

  1. Understand in
  2. See value in it
  3. Retain it

The first two are especially important when you are creating content for a webinar or a sales conversation, so that people can really feel like they’re getting value from their time with you.

To achieve all three goals, you want to put your teaching content into a visual framework.

You’ve seen what a product funnel looks like, or a wheel of life, right?

I remember creating a delegation quadrant when teaching my clients how to choose what to delegate.

And just last week I created a coaching program delivery wheel to teach the components you need to include in your programs.

All of these are examples of visual frameworks.

Putting your training material into a framework like this makes it instantly more valuable. It makes people lean in and see you as an expert, and sign up for what you’re offering next.

Hope this nugget was helpful.





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