Are You Ready to Step Into Group Coaching with Confidence and Ease?

Choose any ANNUAL subscription to Coaching Genie and receive $3,000+ worth of bonuses absolutely FREE!

BONUS #1: Your own “Genie Concierge”

2 private calls over the next 60 days to help you get started with your account. Our Coaching Genie trainer will personally walk you through setting it up, creating your first coaching program, adding your content, and will answer any of your questions to make sure you’re ready to go! ($1000 value – FREE)

BONUS #2: Two Monthly Training and Q&A Calls

Attending these calls is your opportunity to connect and learn from with other Coaching Genie users, get your biggest questions answered, and learn how to make the most out of your subscription. ($500 value – FREE)

BONUS #3: Design Your Coaching Program in 5 Days

A course that takes you step-by-step through creating your group coaching program. I share my BEST coaching program creation secrets and strategies and take you through my simple (and proven) 5-step process for designing your own profitable coaching program FAST! ($497 value – FREE)

BONUS #4: "Double-Clients" FREE Upgrade

Each plan comes with a specific number of client spots. When you sign up for one of the annual subscriptions before the deadline, we will double the maximum number of client spots in your plan. This means you’ll get 30 instead of 15 client spots in the “Emerge” plan, and 200 instead of 100 client spots in the “Build” plan. Most importantly, we’ll LOCK IT IN for as long as you’re a customer. ($400 to $700 value – FREE)

NEW BONUS #5: 40+ Customizable Coaching Tools

Over 40+ coaching tools and exercises you can use with your clients or include in your programs! Many of them were developed by professional coaches and trained psychologists. You can bundle these tools into coaching programs or share with your private clients, whatever you decide to do with them. Best of all you can easily customize them with your own name and branding. ($1000 value – FREE)

 The Simplest Solution to

Deliver Coaching Programs That Rock!





billed annually


For coaches working 1-on-1 and with small groups



Up to 15 30 clients*

Unlimited Groups
Unlimited Programs
Unlimited Modules
Custom Domain





billed annually


For coaches ready to work with bigger groups



Up to 100 200 clients*

Unlimited Groups
Unlimited Programs
Unlimited Modules
Custom Domain





billed annually


For coaches ready to build their empire


Unlimited clients
Unlimited Groups
Unlimited Programs
Unlimited Modules
Custom Domain

*Total number of active clients in all groups.

All our plans include:

Easy-to-use dashboard

Everything you and your clients need in one place. No more “platform-hopping” or trying to remember multiple passwords!

Content repurposing in multiple formats

Create your content once, then deliver it as a group coaching program, 1-on-1 program, rolling enrollment group, self-paced program, e-coaching program, or a digital course!

Unlimited groups, courses, and modules

Create unlimited coaching programs, training modules, and groups, and deliver them to clients with a click of a button. Build your entire coaching library under one roof!

Complete control over program access

You can delete, deactivate, or archive your clients any time to limit their access to your programs and courses, and even grant them lifetime access.


Engagement and implementation tools

Each program comes with weekly check-ins, client journals, group contests, accountability groups, a discussion forum, and assessment forms.

Unlimited Tech Support

We offer world-class support through our 24/7 help desk, fully searchable knowledge base, and twice-a-month training webinars where we answer your questions live.

Why our customers love Coaching Genie

“I was looking for a coaching platform to meet my high standards with three criteria: budget, functionality, and ease of use for me and my clients. Coaching Genie met all of these criteria and more.”
Pallavi Ridout, Life Transformation Coach
“Coaching Genie is flexible! It is friendly! It is intuitive! Best of all, everything is in one place. I wanted to work closely with my clients and Coaching Genie allows me to be as involved or automated as I want.”
Susan Dixon, Writing Coach
“It looks clean, professional, and clear. I even show it to potential clients during sales conversations to build trust. Best of all, almost 40% of clients re-enrolled into my next program!”
Eliana Gilad, Voices of Eden


Can I change my plan later?
YES! You can easily upgrade (or downgrade) to a different level any time without losing any of your current programs and content.
Do I need to install anything on my website or computer?
No, there is nothing to install. It’s completely plug-and-play. Just log in and start creating your programs and groups and programs.
I don’t have groups or programs yet, can I still use Coaching Genie?
Absolutely. Many of our customers start out by using it with their 1-on-1 clients and then add groups. When you’re ready, Coaching Genie makes it easy to take a leap into group coaching.
What if I can’t figure out how to use it?
Our tech support team is here to help you, 24/7. Plus we hold twice-a-month training webinars where you can ask questions live.
Is my data safe and secure?
YES! We use secure servers (SSL) and Amazon S3 for all data storage. Your content is absolutely safe and confidential inside Coaching Genie. Each client will get their own unique login and you can easily control who can access which content.
How easy is it for clients to access my programs?
As easy as giving them a one-click link! Each program comes with its own client link. When clients go to that link, they’ll be asked to choose their username and password, and log in for instant access to your program.

Here’s an example of how the client will see your program (click to view the image):

How many clients can I have in my account?
Each subscription plan comes with a maximum number of clients: 15 (Emerge), 100 (Build), and Unlimited (Scale). This is the total number of clients across your entire account. If you want to make room for more clients, you can delete, deactivate, or archive* some of them. Alternatively, you can upgrade your account to the next subscription level.

* Archived clients can still access the programs and courses they purchased from you, so they don’t lose access.

Can I integrate Coaching Genie with my website or other software?
It is very easy to connect Coaching Genie to any other shopping cart or mailing list software you may already be using. Every program comes with a simple “magic” one-click link, which can be added to a thank you page or a welcome email, or shared with a client directly.
Can I collect payments and sell my programs in Coaching Genie?
Yes, you can build simple sales pages and take payments via Stripe to sell your programs and courses. If you use any other payment system, you can still use Coaching Genie by connecting it via a simple link.
What software does Coaching Genie replace?

There is really no platform out there that allows you to create, deliver, and manage your coaching programs. Most people just cut and paste different solutions together and end up doing many of the tasks manually. Coaching Genie allows you to automate and streamline everything required to run your programs. It gives you a combination of:

  • Email automation (to send call reminders, content delivery, replay notifications, etc.)
  • Course builder (to build your programs and courses)
  • Group management (to communicate with your clients)
  • Accountability system (to keep your group members motivated and engaged)
  • Members area software (to protect your content and manage access to it)
  • Payment software (to accept payments for your programs and courses)
  • Assessment software (to create quizzes and coaching forms)
  • And other tools!

Coaching Genie does not replace a CRM or e-mail marketing system. It also does not replace your coaching website you use to market yourself. But you can easily connect Coaching Genie to any of your other platforms using a simple one-click link to let your clients access your programs.

Can I use Coaching Genie with multiple coaches?
If you have a team of coaches, you can make them Group Moderators. They can do everything a regular group member can do (access modules, comment on weekly check-ins, etc) plus view private client journals and moderate comments. Group moderators cannot edit any of your programs or content. Only you, the account owner, can do that.

Your Purchase is 100% Risk-FREE!

We are so confident that you will love Coaching Genie, that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Sign up and start using our platform.

If you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase, you can request a refund by sending us an email at [email protected]


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