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Create and Deliver Your Group Coaching Programs with Ease

Everything you need to simplify your group coaching experience, create better results, and maximize client re-enrollment.

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Finally, an Easy Way to Scale Your Business with Groups!

Group coaching is one of the best ways to serve more clients in less time

Without the right tools, however, it's easy to get overwhelmed and get lost in the details of managing your coaching groups.

Coaching Genie allows you to easily create your group programs and deliver them to clients with a click of a button. 

With this tool you can spend less time managing your programs and do more of what you love! 

This also means you'll have more time to actually market and fill your programs (and make more money).

Once you start using Coaching Genie, you'll wonder how you’ve ever delivered your coaching programs without it!

How This Tool Will Make Your Life Easier:

Reclaim Your Lifestyle...

Serve More Clients

Make More Money

Organize and Automate

Free Up Your Time

Turn Your Clients Into Raving Fans

With Coaching Genie, your clients will feel seen, supported, and accountable. 

They can receive support from you, as well as from other members of the group, which is all easily done right inside this platform.

Your clients will stay focused, engaged, and connected during your coaching programs, and excited to participate. And if someone needs special attention, you can easily customize your content for individual group members.

Simplify Your Business with...

Unlimited Groups

Customized Content

Automated Emails

Quick and Easy Set-up

Design Unlimited Programs and Groups

When you have a growing coaching business, you need a simple way to bring your ideas to life quickly.

With Coaching Genie, you can create unlimited coaching programs, training modules, and groups. Modules can be re-used in multiple programs so you never have to reinvent the wheel or re-upload anything.

When you're ready to run a new group program, simply "clone" the group you already delivered and you'll be ready to go in MINUTES!

All those videos, audios, worksheets, coaching notes, call reminders, coaching call replays, and homework assignments can finally be in ONE place so you can easily access and share it with clients any time.

Know Exactly How Your Clients Are Doing and Catch Them Before They "Drop the Ball"

Don't you wish you could easily see who is falling behind, where in the program people get stuck, and what their biggest challenges are?

With Coaching Genie, you can keep the pulse on your group at all times, catch any potential issues, and minimize refund requests.

Easily monitor the group's weekly activity to see how much your clients are participating and what support they need. Super simple communication between you and the group!

Never again feel "left in the dark" about how your clients are doing!

Then simply show up and coach. Every coach's dream, right?

Works with 1-on-1 Clients, Too!

Need a place to communicate with your private clients? 

Use Coaching Genie to share content, schedule coaching call reminders, and stay updated on your clients' progress with weekly check-ins and client journals.

Just show up and coach.

Here's What You Can Do:

  • Have a central place for all your content, group calls, and emails 
  • Customize content for individual group members 
  • Invite your clients with a simple sign-up link 
  • Easily "clone" your group when you’re ready to deliver it again 
  • Customize module release schedule for each group 
  • Add audio, video, images, links, and PDF to each module 
  • Re-use modules in different programs to save time 
  • Send module and live call reminders via email 
  • Save your coaching notes and use them during live calls 
  • Keep your group engaged with weekly check-ins and client journals
  • ...and MORE cool features that will simplify your program delivery!  

Welcome to the Softer Side of Software...

Let's be DONE with those complex online systems that make you want to quit your business!

No more tech overwhelm.

Coaching Genie is super easy to use and very intuitive. If you know how to create a blog post, you already know how to use this platform.

Super simple navigation for clients, too!

Most users report that they don’t even need a virtual assistant and feel excited to be in complete control of their programs.

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